HRM-Tri battery is already low!?!?!

I did not know whether to post this in the FR945 section or the Accessories section, b/c I dont know where the problem lies..

I have a brand FR945 bundle (got it about a month ago) and have used the HRM-Tri for I would say 15 hrs, mainly on my bike.

Yesterday during a cycling activity I got a warning saying that the battery on HRM-Tri was low.... From what I read around this is not normal at all..

Obviously, I am using the battery the strap came with... i never opened nor touched anything in the strap..

What could I be doing wrong in order to screw up things? I always rinse the strap after every use but do not dry it, i just hang it and let it dry by itself.

Is there anything I could do to somehow fix the problem apart from calling Garmin support?

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