Battery Drain Problem

Hello all, I got Vivoactive 5 and it sometime drain battery by itself. I just charged yesterday afternoon and it drained %35 in my sleep. Normally it’s just %2-3 max 4 but after update it drains anormally and it making me so angry. I’m user of Garmin like ten years but I really start to hate because of this watch! Please solve this problem or I will buy Apple Watch or Fitbit it’s just frustrating 

last night my battery was %100 now %62!  

  • This is not a solution, merely a workaround for power users and it's unacceptable for average user. 

    Other companies can do a proper FW upgrade without issues with 'losing min/max battery voltages'. FW upgrade is a basic functionality and shouldn't result in any data loss or regression for end user. There are lots of ways of achieving this, e. g. syncing data with the phone pre-upgrade and post-upgrade, I'm sure SW devs could come up with something.

    In addition, discharging Lithium battery completely is very harmful and shouldn't be advised at any point. Battery calibration was a thing with Nickel batteries, but not with Lithium ones.

  • The battery won't be discharged completely. The electronics shuts off before the critical level is reached. The calibration is still needed. However, do as you want. The battery troubleshooting guide is just a friendly advice to people who want to fix or avoid problems with high battery drain. Take or leave it, and wait till Garmin fixes the firmware update process, if you believe it is the best solution. 

  • Same thing started happening to me last week. It consistently goes from 100% charged to drained to the point of the screen not powering on in less than 2.5 days. I haven't made any changes to how I'm using it or to the settings, and I used to get about 6 days on a single charge. Super frustrating, as my warranty expired less than a month ago!

  • Same thing started happening to me last week.

    And did you try what was suggested in this thread: Troubleshooting guide for high battery drain ?

  • I did, including a 3rd attempt, just in case that would do the trick. It did not work.

  • I did,

    And including the last advice in that guide - contacting the Support if nothing else helps?

  • That's what I plan to do today. I'm currentlhy supporting my dad and spending time with my hospitalized and very ill mom so as much as I want the data from my Garmin, I don't actually have time to do all this troubleshooting and TBH, I don't feel like I should be having this much trouble with a device that is only 13 months old.