Hydration not resetting each day

I have seen a few reviews in the app but wondered how widespread this is.

When I wake up in the morning the hydration widget is still reading yesterday's total and has been since the last update.

3 weeks and it's not been fixed or even rolled back to the previous version while a solution is worked on.

I get the it isn't the best widget as it doesn't even send the totals to the connect app but it is a paon manually resetting the total each morning.

  • Hello .  If syncing your watch while viewing the Hydration Glance does not reset it to 0, please use a seperate device to record that process.  We would need your watch AND your paired smartphone to be in the frame of this video so we can see this behavior.  We are unable to reproduce this on our end.

    Additionally, the (original) Venu required the same syncing steps as the Venu 2 does to reset the Hydration Glance.

  • i have followed the steps to sync the hydration tracked and on the morning of 9th it correctly added the fluid to the 8th but on the morning of the 10th it added the fluid to the 10th on the app.

    I had not changed the fluid level since adding my last drink around 22.00 on the 9th.

    I am still on SW 4.67 as no update has auto triggered yet.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the widget on the 8th.

    Any suggestions?

    This method of snycing is a pain as is, I hope the developers are working on something better i.e. background upload and reset as I dont want to have to connect to the app every day as soon as I get up.

  • i have tried again this morning and the fluid recorded on the venu 2 for the 10th uploaded as today's intake, the 11th.

  • Hi

    Was this "Syncing Hydration Data With Garmin Connect" section just added recently? I can't remember reading this when I first researched for clues.... were there changes made to the Hydration app that required those updates?

    But what I am rather sure about is, that the Hydration glance behaved differently (as in as expected) at first. It was updating properly and resetting on each day. Not sure what was changed and if this was in the software updates or the Hydration app in Garmin app store....?

    wrote  "....When I wake up on October 8th, my Hydration Widget/Glance should (and will) still show 80 ounces consumed..."

    I do not understand, why the Hydration Widget/Glance "should" still show liquids consumed on the previous day? How does this make sense for a "daily hydration goal" tracking....?

  •  so yesterday it uploaded as it should but today it decided to add 1900ml to yesterday and 400ml to today in the app. It then reset on the watch to 400ml and not 0.

    After I removed the 400ml the glance was showing -400ml. Adding 400ml reset it to 0ml.

    I am still on SW 4.67 as it hasn't triggered an update through syncing through the app.

    I second the comments from  above, the way this has been changed to operate is very odd.

  • All-  Please test the following:

    1. Add hydration throughout the day

    2. At end of day, view widget/glance and sync

    3. Sleep

    4. Wake up in morning, make sure widget/glance shows 0

    ***Please record video of what you see throughout this testing so that we can have the process to show the Engineering team how to reproduce.  Currently, we are having difficulty reproducing what has been described in this thread.

  • Hi,

    As GARMIN was able to reproduce the issue  kw, I am wondering what the status of this is now?

    Also, a question to everyone with this issue (Hydration not resetting):

    Can you please post l, if your HYDRATION ALERTS are working or not?


  • Hydration alert working. But problem still  all the time. Sometime in the morning reset to zero, sometimes show another value. The worst, when you enter during the day, the value can change by itself

  •  i have updated to latest software for watch and uninstalled and reinstalled the hydration widget.

    If I sync the glance in the evening after I have added all my liquid the it is added to the correct day but the glance does not reset to zero until I sync again the next day.

    If I do not sync the glance during the day or sync part way through then only the synced liquid is added to the correct day. Any liquid added after the sync is added to the following day.

    E.g. on day 1 if I sync 1600ml at 8pm and add 400ml at 9pm then when I wake up on day 2 the watch will still read 2000ml, i sync the watch and it reads zero but garmin connect will show 1600ml on day 1 and 400ml on day 2.

    Is this the intended function? If I go on holiday somewhere without phone signal then I will have no means of recording hydration, this functionality doesnt make sense. Hydration in the garmin connect app should be 100% driven by the watch.

    I haven't videoed any of this as I do not have second camera.

    I turned alerts on yesterday and didnt get a single alert.