Request to get rid of the pause icon when at pause

When at Pause, for example when waiting at traffic light, the screen shows a huge pause icon and the screen is dimmed in such an amount that you cannot see the map anymore.

Waiting at traffic light is an ideal moment to check the map, however this huge pause icon with extra dark layer masks the map and keeps coming back after a short period again and again after any tap on the screen. This behavior irritates and can be dangerous because you now have to check the route on a moment when riding is resumed and this distracts your attention which should be on the traffic and not on the screen. Potentionaly risky & dangerous!

Please Garmin can you turn this back to how it worked on the Explore (1) - a short living pause icon and no dimmed screen but a colored border. I've sent a request to Garmin already for this issue, but no reaction and no new firmware...

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