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Request to get rid of the pause icon when at pause

When at Pause, for example when waiting at traffic light, the screen shows a huge pause icon and the screen is dimmed in such an amount that you cannot see the map anymore.

Waiting at traffic light is an ideal moment to check the map, however this huge pause icon with extra dark layer masks the map and keeps coming back after a short period again and again after any tap on the screen. This behavior irritates and can be dangerous because you now have to check the route on a moment when riding is resumed and this distracts your attention which should be on the traffic and not on the screen. Potentionaly risky & dangerous!

Please Garmin can you turn this back to how it worked on the Explore (1) - a short living pause icon and no dimmed screen but a colored border. I've sent a request to Garmin already for this issue, but no reaction and no new firmware...

Read the similar discussion on the Edge 1040 section:

  • Hello bikepc01

    I found this pause feature also extremely annoying.

    Did you receive any update from them?

  • Support confirmed that this issue would be forwarded to the developers team, but they can not guarantee that a change would be made. They mentioned that touching the screen would let disappear the pause icon. This is true, but it is still anoying, the function to move and zoom the map is simply not intended to be used in motion. I can hardly believe that Garmin could ignore these many complaints here in this forum.

  • The answer I got is this:

    "This is currently by design. I have added you to a case we have open as a feature request. 
    Thank you for choosing Garmin,
    Eiliko,Product Support,Garmin International"
    And as @Praxad also quotes is that Garmin mentioned that touching the screen lets disappear the pause icon - this is true, but only for a very short period. The pause icon & dimmed screen keep coming back after every touch on the screen. Also moving to the data screen does not change this annoying behavior.
    I have reported this to Garmin clearly, but the only reaction was what I quoted above.
    Why? On the Edge Explore (1) this issue does not exist, so what whizzkid decided to change the design?
    I think the Garmin developers themselves are not cyclists...
  • Hi,

    Thanks for answers!

    I would be fine with PAUSE if it would disappear after clicking. Now is somehow unpredictable behavior, scree dimmed etc. . You need to click ever 3 seconds  

    The worse is that as I see it is the same on  1040 :-(

  • The worse is that as I see it is the same on  1040 :-(

    And maybe too on the new 840 and 540? Who can confirm?

  • If this doesn't get fixed I am gonna switch brands. This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. I was bikepacking for two weeks and this drove me nuts. What the *** were those developers thinking??

  • Why don't you just deactivate auto-pause? That's what I did, solved the problem - on a backpacking tour you really don't need it.

  • Backpacking (walking!) is something different than bikepacking (cycling!)... For backpacking I can agree to disable auto-pause, for all cycling activities absolutely not.

  • When I have to ride 100+km a day I want to have an accurate average speed and timer. The developers don't test their own stuff. That's the problem. We shouldn't have to compromise just because Garmin doesn't care about their users complaints.

    If that "feature" is supposed to safe battery life fine. But once you tap on the display it should stay hidden and not come back after a few seconds. It's just rediculous.

  • You can send a feature request to Garmin; the more people do it, the higher the chance they will listen. It's bad software design, no doubt.