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Request to get rid of the pause icon when at pause

When at Pause, for example when waiting at traffic light, the screen shows a huge pause icon and the screen is dimmed in such an amount that you cannot see the map anymore.

Waiting at traffic light is an ideal moment to check the map, however this huge pause icon with extra dark layer masks the map and keeps coming back after a short period again and again after any tap on the screen. This behavior irritates and can be dangerous because you now have to check the route on a moment when riding is resumed and this distracts your attention which should be on the traffic and not on the screen. Potentionaly risky & dangerous!

Please Garmin can you turn this back to how it worked on the Explore (1) - a short living pause icon and no dimmed screen but a colored border. I've sent a request to Garmin already for this issue, but no reaction and no new firmware...

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  • I've only just got the explore 2 and upgraded to 6.05 straight away, and it looks like they have already fixed this. The pause icon and dim screen happens but then it's replaced by the coloured border and you can then view the map easy enough.

  • I'm also at 6.05. Just checked again and the symptoms I described above are still there - the big Pause icon, colored border (both kind of yellow) and a dimmed screen. With a tap on the screen the map comes back normally, but after a few seconds the E2 goes in dimmed Pause mode again and does this after every tap on the screen as long as the movement speed remains below the threshold value that has been set for triggering Auto Pause.
    So I'm really curious how your E2 behaves in this - does the double-barred pause sign keep away without a dimmed screen and with only the colored border?

  • Doesn't this other thread have the solution for this exact problem:

  • Thanks for thinking with it. No, it has nothing to do with sattelite fix and the timer is running because you are on a course recording your activity. The only option (I know!) is turning Off Auto Pause completely, but then you make this function useless.
    And remember, other devices like the earlier Edge Explore (1), etc. did not suffer this annoying behavior. It is introduced on the new 1040 and Explore 2. Why change a good working feature?

  • With the new software version 7.09 this issue has not been solved. It has been discussed too in the Edge 1040-series forum section and several people have reported it directly to Garmin. Garmin, a missed chance...

  • Agree. I've stopped using Auto Pause due to this annoyance. I too would like to check on the map at unfamiliar places when stopping, but this Pause icon completely makes the map unusable.

  • In case Garmin reads this: True, it's annoying, in this regard the EE1 was better.

  • I have the same problem. I am forced to use my older Edge 1030 Plus for the time beeing. Why Garmin is not reacting to this issue which obviously bothers many users?

  • Today I contacted Garmin for this issue again and got as an answer that it has been added to an open case as a feature request:
    "This is currently by design. I have added you to a case we have open as a feature request."

    So... if the huge Pause icon and the persistent dimmed screen when at pause bothers you, please contact Garmin directly. I've emailed the issue via the Support page @

  • Hi bikepc01

    I also contacted Garmin support. This is not a minor issue, this is a big problem!!

    Since you have introduced a pause icon and a dimmed screen when a ride is stopped it is not possible anymore to use the map screen in a reasonable way to navigate. The map screen has a feature to zoom and shift the map for navigation purposes. This is done rather when stopped the ride than beeing in motion for obvious security reasons. So to dimm the screen when stopped is really not a good idea. For the time beeing I have to use my older Edge 1030 Plus when navigating which allows to handle the map without a dimmed screen.

    By the way, when tapping the screen the pause icon disappears for some seconds. My suggestion: The pause icon should not appear again when tapped once.

    Thanks for considerung a change of this behaviour.

    Best regards,