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Sensor Dropout Feedback

We realize how important sensor data is to our customers and how frustrating it can be when there are issues with it. If you are experiencing these issues with sensor drop outs the engineering team would like to understand the following information to help understand the issue.

  1. What version of Edge 530/830 software are you using?
  2. How long into your ride did the issue occur?
  3. Did all of your sensors dropout at once or was it just one?
  4. Did the sensor connection(s) recover on their own?
  5. What sensors did you have connected with the issue occurred?
    1. What sensors were connected over BLE?
  1. Did you have your phone connected?
    1. Is it Android or iOS?
    2. What version of GCM do you have?
    3. Were you using LiveTrack?
  2. Please upload activity .FIT files from this occurred if possible.

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  • Addition: as workaround I disabled the auto-sleep feature. This function seems to be buggy, after the sleep occurs and I wake up the device the sensors don't reconnect. After finishing the ride it seems that this function still hangs. Because I need to hard shutdown the device (10sec power button)

  • Oh wow. I used the sleep function several times during my ride and my sensor dropped out. I decided to disable it today because as you say, it's buggy sometimes. It may take multiple attempts to wake it up (in my case it has woken up every time, but sometimes after many seconds of short pressing the power button in random intervals). Also, it may take longer to wake the unit up than to turn it on, sometimes over a minute. 

  • My experience is that ANT+ gets reconnected after a while. But my HSM is BT and doesn't reconnect. Probably the device throws an error (we don't see this) which doesn't get handled by the firmware. Result: BT stack crashes and the device behaves weird.

  • The beta (3.33) added improvements to Sensor connection. See the instructions and the full change logs for this beta here.

    1. Edge 530  3.20
    2. 2-3 hours
    3. All
    4. No
    5. Speed, cadence and HR
      1. HR
    1. I had the phone on my pocket, but don't know if it was connected because it continuously loses connection to the Edge device.
      1. Android 9
      2. 4.19.1
      3. No
  • 1 - Edge 530, v.3.20
    2 - 2:21:27
    3 - Power Meter only
    4 - Yes
    5 - Stages Power Meter, Wahoo TICKR heart rate monitor.
         a - Stages Power Meter
    6 - Yes
         a - Android
         b - 4.20
         c - Yes

  • Now that 3.50 is available, it's probably worth upgrading to that and see how you go - not a lot of point reporting issues on old firmware that have had updates to sensor connectivity since.

  • 1. Edge 530 3.50
    2. No clue, it was a three hour ride and I notice after roughly two hours. 
    3. Speed sensor dropped out
    5. Only speed over ANT
    6. Yes, phone was connected, the newest iOS version of GCM, don¨t know what LiveTrack is so probably not
    7. No, can't upload .FIT files to this forum

    To summarise - due to mobile connectivity issues, I've not been riding with my phone connected and I haven't had a single speed sensor dropout since. Now that I've read the 3.50 has fixed the connectivity issue, I decided to pair the 530 with my phone and what do you know - speed sensor has dropped out during the very first ride.

    It seems clear as day to me, having your phone connected is causing ANT sensors dropouts. 

    Not that I mind terribly, since I'm using a watch for notifications in the meantime, but it's middle of summer and my tan lines are getting ridiculous. 

  • Oh, and just to clarify, I had to disable and enable the sensor in order for it to connect again. So the 3.50 change notes which say "Fixed a connectivity issue that could cause ANT+ or BLE sensors to lose connection and never reconnect." are wrong. This is still an issue. 

  • 1. Edge 530 FW 3.5

    2. 50min

    3. Only HR

    4. I had to disable and re-enable the sensor

    5. All ANT: Garmin HR, Garmin speed, Garmin cadence

    6. Yes, Android, GCM v. 4.2

    7. no, out of privacy reasons

    Rode over 10 times in the identical setting and never had a single dropout. The only thing that changed this time was the new Firmware.