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Sensor Dropout Feedback

We realize how important sensor data is to our customers and how frustrating it can be when there are issues with it. If you are experiencing these issues with sensor drop outs the engineering team would like to understand the following information to help understand the issue.

  1. What version of Edge 530/830 software are you using?
  2. How long into your ride did the issue occur?
  3. Did all of your sensors dropout at once or was it just one?
  4. Did the sensor connection(s) recover on their own?
  5. What sensors did you have connected with the issue occurred?
    1. What sensors were connected over BLE?
  1. Did you have your phone connected?
    1. Is it Android or iOS?
    2. What version of GCM do you have?
    3. Were you using LiveTrack?
  2. Please upload activity .FIT files from this occurred if possible.

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  • Edge 830

    1) 3.20

    2) About an hour and twenty minutes into the ride

    3) All sensors stopped reporting data (Power and HR)

    4) No. Tried disconnecting and reconnecting. Nothing helped. Had to hard reset the device.

    5) Wahoo Tickr (BLE) and Easton Cinch (Ant+)

    6) Maybe? My phone retaining connection seems to be akin to flipping a coin. If it was, then iOS. GCM version Not using LiveTrack. Using a structured workout synced via TrainingPeaks.

    File: Workout with drop

  • , and everone else,

    it very much looks like I've been able to replicate and repeat the problem under controlled conditions.

    The set-up:

    - Garmin Edge 530, SW 3.20

    - Scosche Rhythm HR monitor

    - 2 lights, Bontrager Flare RT (old type) + Bontrager ION 800 RT.

    1. When I start the Edge 530, the lights start to flash.

    2. I disable the lights in the Edge and both lights are getting dark. Th HR is ok, shows my HR, changes as I move.

    3. I try to enable the lights in the Edge. The lights does NOT turn on. THE HR MONITOR IS LOCKET AT THE SAME VALUE.

    4. I finish "the ride". Discard the ride and start a new one. The HR monitor shows still the same value, although I even shut down the Scosche.

    I can also confirm that this also took place in my case:

    "On the device itself, the data fields show whatever data it had when it froze. When this happens, the only way for me to recover is by powering the device off. The first attempt to power it off would ALWAYS result in the device being stuck in the power off screen. I would then have to press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds to force it to reboot."

    Some additional comments:

    - I made this 3 times with the same result.

    - All this was done in my living room, not on the bike, to make the control easier.

    - I had some issues with the ION 800 RT earlier, with not wanting to be put on from my Edge 520, but nothing like this.

    - At the moment, when biking, I use my old 520 as backup, basically the same set-up, no problems. Also see previous post.

    Question is whether this is HW or SW related? As the whole thing froze, I guess the jury is out on that. I can go to my local Garmin dealer and test there when I have some time, though I need to check whether they have additional equipment (I live in Budapest Hungary).

  • This is really bizarre. On my indoor ride this morning I noticed I was getting power meter, cadence (cadence sensor is from the PM) and HRM drop outs. BT was not connected and I turned BT off all devices. Initially I thought it was interference, so I turned all other ANT+ sensors off (Elite Direto and disconnected ANT+ dongle from my Mac). I also unplugged the fan. My WIFI channel is on 5GHZ and the router is in another room about 10 feet away. I have not set WIFI sync up on the 530 and BT was also turned off. I also turned off the Mac.

    I was still getting drop outs with only the PM and HRM connected. I have not had this issue on an outdoor ride. I did connect my Edge 530 to GC via USB this morning which I have not done before.

    I thought it could have been interference from the fan, so I took the 530 off the Garmin mount and placed it in front of the fan to see. It collected data perfectly with no visible drop outs. As soon as I clipped the 530 back in the Garmin mount, the drop outs occurred (it is the Garmin OEM Edge 520 out front mount).

    So I then installed the Garmin plastic stem mount and also my K:Edge out front mount on the bike. It is an alloy stem, with alloy bars and there is nothing else on the bars. My shifting system is cable actuated, so there are no other electronic devices on the bars. 

    I swapped between the three and whenever the Edge 530 was mounted on the Garmin Out front mount, data drops occurred very quickly. I am not sure if there is some electrical shielding going on here but its really bizarre.

    Apologies, the clip is a bit shaky as I don't have a Tripod.

    The Edge has the current firmware 3.20 installed. On this clip the HRM did not drop but it had done on the indoor session I had just finished. The HRM is a Garmin soft strap and the Power Meter is the Favero Assioma with the last firmware installed. You should be able to match up the clip below with the Fit file. 

    I have also attached the longer indoor session with loads of drop outs when on the Garmin Out Front Mount (I tried it with the one that came with the Edge 530 and also the 520 mount). This FIT file eventually settles down when I placed it on the stem mount, then the K:Edge one. If the vid does not play please let me know and I can PM you.

    Link to clip on drop box:

    Click here to play this video

    Longer training session with drops.

  • I wonder if the stem/bars are blocking the signal somehow? It’s a bit weird though, but perhaps the other two mounts have juuust enough clearance? How’s the battery in the PM?

  • 75-80% battery level, so plenty of juice in there. Same with the PM. I might try connecting the Edge to the trainer to see if I can replicate it, to eliminate the PM, although the PM have been flawless for the past year. 

    1. 3.20
    2. Right Away
    3. Power (Garmin Vector 2S, with new battery) and D-Fly both periodically drop
    4. Probably, but once or twice I did Connect from the sensor detail screen
    5. HR/Vector 2S/D-Fly
      1. None
    1. Yes
      1. Ios
      2. 4.19.1
      3. Yes
  • For what it's worth, in all 8 separate rides I have done since removing all the BLE sensors and re-pairing them as ANT+, I have not had a single "frozen data" issue.

  • How do you pair using only ANT+?  I cannot see how you can change which protocol you use.


  • Hi,

    I try to limit to Ant+ sensors and have the continuation of a sensor dropout issue with the 530 that I also saw on the 520 from time to time.

    1. Edge 530 3.2

    2. After a break  with turned off Edge (no matter when but not always)

    3. Just cadence

    4. No (only after diasable, enable)

    5. Heart Rate and Cadence (both Ant+).  (so far it only happend on my Touring bike never with the MTB that has the joined S/C sensor from Garmin and the touring does not have a speed sensor) 

    6. No

    After a longer break with turned off edge device the older Garmin Ant+ only Cadence sensor does no longer respond after a resume ride. It only helps to go to sensors and to disable and re-eneable the sensore.  After that all perfect again.

    I never had the issue at the start of a tour only at a re-start.

  • You can’t “change” the protocol. You have to remove the BLE sensors first and then add the sensors back. I am assuming the sensors support both BLE and ANT+. If a sensor supports both protocols, you will see both BLE and ANT+ from the same sensor.