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Speed Sensor 2 pairing issues

I'm unable to pair the new Speed Sensor 2 in Garmin Connect Mobile, tried both Android and iOS phones. However, I was able to pair it on fenix and Edge devices in both BLE and ANT modes. Any help?

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    Just posted previous message & had pretty much give up but just managed to pair again.

    Android samsung s9+

    I had unpaired from the SGS9 (& PC that zwift was on)

    When I tried to connect & it failed I did NOT bother to removed each time.

    I simply kept pressing re-try, straight away

    but whilst  "Connecting" & the slider 10% of the way along I repeatedly lifted the battery & pretty much as fast as I could pressed it back down.

    sometimes it failed, sometimes the slider went a little further and perhaps after 10 or more attempts it went all the way.

    I did find one, off & on & the slider went 2/3 of the way but never further.

    It was the repeated on/off that worked. I did it so many times & really did not expect it to work not sure of the exact pattern but I would say not less than 3 & prob 3 or 4 on/off's that worked and I think quite fast, certainly did not delay to push battery down but perhaps not as fast as I could have.

    Been trying for a couple of days. hundreds of different variations.

    Amazed it did work & might have been pure luck but perhaps there is something in this. Certainly the slider got further a number of times.

    Had already tried battery in & out but had always left it in.

    Only just tested a few times since but rebooted phone, SS2 has gone to sleep, woken up & all connected OK.

    Also caution, only had a few weeks & hardly used but the battery that came with it was down to 2.9v & fairly sure these (& my new one) tend to be about 3.3v

    I have had other devices that would not work below 3v despite that being the spec for these 2032's

    Also Answering my own query in previous post, as I have now managed to get into the connect App the wheel size makes NO difference to Zwift. bit surprized & not tested that much but 90% sure watts per cadence/speed was the same when wheel 1400 or 3000.

  • Still not resolved as you can see in the other comments. Tried with Android Samsung Galaxy S10 and a resetted Galaxy S9 several times.

  • Hi, I found out that my Speed Sensor was unable to pair but had a lot of automatically recorded activities stored. Whenever I tried to pair, it was unsuccessful but transferred a few activities to Garmin Connect. So I did that over and over again until I reached the last recorded activities. As soon as they were on Garmin Connect, the Sensor DID pair to my smartphone.

    Well, , that may be the reason for people unable to pair, because the device is filled with activities?! Could you comment on that?

  • this solved it for me

  • Yes, I am still having problems with pairing my Speed sensor 2 to Garmin Connect.  The sensor is recognized but the pairing is unsuccessful.  Any ideas?