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Speed Sensor 2 pairing issues

I'm unable to pair the new Speed Sensor 2 in Garmin Connect Mobile, tried both Android and iOS phones. However, I was able to pair it on fenix and Edge devices in both BLE and ANT modes. Any help?

  • Same problem. Just bought speed 2 and cadence 2 sensors in order to connect them to iPhone 11 and use with the  Sufferfest app. Spent 2 days in doings several attempts but only 2/3 times I saw

    data on the app (most with cadence, hardly ever speed). In my opinion GARMIN

    must take care of the problem because the Bluetooth feature of sensors type 2 is not working at all.

  • OK, I returned mine and successfully paired the Wahoo RPMs. But then went for a ride and I wasn’t getting data in cyclemeter. I went back to the wahoo fitness app and it was reading speed/cadence just fine. Then I thought, maybe Wahoo Fitness has that bluetooth data stream reserved. So I killed wahoo and the other fitness apps I had running on my phone in background and then it started working in Cyclemeter. When I was trying to get the Garmin working, I was definitely swapping back and forth between cyclemeter and the garmin connect app without killing either one and that may have caused interference with them both trying to reserve the Bluetooth data stream. Not sure this would have worked with the garmin, but I didn’t think about it at the time.

    Tl;dr: Kill all the other fitness apps you have, they might be fighting for the Bluetooth data stream. 

  • Interesting to read the review and.. a little worrying the last reply !

    Below the last comment posted on April 22 at 11:26 pm



    Thank you for your review. I just purchased a set of Garmin Cadence sensor 2 and Speed sensor 2, with Hrt rate monitor (as well as a set of Wahoo Heart rate monitor + Cadence + Speed sensor). I installed the Wahoo sensors, got them connected, up and running in no time at all (on an iPhone SE, running Wahoo Fitness app).

    The Garmin sensors were just the opposite. Only one of them was recognized at any one time, when I tried to connect using my iMac laptop, iphones (3 iPhone 6 SE, 1 iPhone 7 Max, 1 iPhone XR, 1 iPhone 11 Pro) and 1 Samsung Galaxy S8+ (with various apps). I read what I can on the net. Finally, I called up Garmin customer services. They told me that the Garmin sensors were not made to connect to other apps. They were made to be used with Garmin devices specifically (and not other apps). I know others were able to connect them to 3rd party apps and that is great for them.

    I wish I knew this from the outset. I’m just a regular Joe Public and not a dedicated enthusiast, not even an amateur cyclist. We ride as a family (of 4) casually. I don’t see myself invested heavily into garmin products, just so that they can sit in my garage collecting dust.

    And the Reply from dcrainmaker

    Which apps did you try on your phones? Again, as noted in the review the cadence sensor doesn’t pair to the Garmin app. But it’s just a generic Bluetooth Smart cadence sensor. I outlined numerous apps in the review that it does connect to. And have used it for more than a year now with other apps.
    That said, I’m not sure what Garmin support is talking about – but perhaps there’s some confusion in their answer.
    In any case, can you clarify what apps you used to try to connect to the Garmin sensor, where it failed?

  • I have also purchased the Garmin Speed and Cadence Sensors 2. I do not own any other Garmin devices and if these are meant to work exclusively with garmin devices this should be outlined on the box and the description of the product. I bought these to be used with my iPhones, iPads and various training recording apps like zwift, wahoo fitness, ride with gos etc. 

    When I first tried to get them setup and installed according to the manual everything worked fine, Garmin Connect found the speed sensor, downloaded some test data from spinning the wheel while installing. Then I tried wahoo fitness app and it worked inconsistently. Sometimes the speed sensor was sending data sometimes the cadence. Rarely or never both. Then I tried zwift. Pairing was quick. But speed sensor never sent data to zwift. Only the cadence. 

    I tried removing and replacing batteries and removing the sensors from all devices and apps, and tried installing them again. Now Garmin Connect will no longer install and pair with the speed sensor. Wahoo fitness app sees them both, adds them fine, but does not receive dat. The situation is same in zwift. 

    Has anyone had any success or can give me any advice on what to try? Is there a hard reset for these sensors?

  • I do exactly the same and got same results. In my opinion the problems comes from the software version installed in the sensors. Really hope that GARMIN will quickly comeback  with advice to solve the problem.

  • Brand new speed sensor 2 out of the box and been trying all suggested methods for 3 days and still no connection....shows up on Bluetooth connections as connected on my IPhone X but will not pair in connect app

  • Check this out for Cadence sensor, did a lot of digging to find this out. Fixed my connection issue. Hope this helps.

  • Just another version of Garmin connect (ver 4.30 ) but problems with speed sensor 2 still remains.

  • Same issue ! It work one time when I first got them. I tried several times to pair the cadence sensor by taking out the battery, re installing the app, etc...then I red somewhere that the cadence sensor only pair with Garmin computers and won't be available on the app besides been visible as a BT device on the mobile phone...after trying to get the cadence pair with phone lost the speed sensor connection and never got it back. Same pb the speed sensor is visible as a BT device. Garmin connect detect it. Pairing fail !!!  Pathetic how Garmin deal with this regarding the number of people concerned and how long it's been goin on