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MARQ (Gen 2) Captain Unique Watch Face - Wind Data Field Issues

The v11.25 official software update has resolved the bottom center Wind Data field issue.

Example picture provided by  (Thank you!) where the wind is always North so the wind directional arrow is only North.

Example shown when the wind and arrow match up and are not stuck at North.

  • Can you force a manual update to the latest firmware release?

    Our backend uses a process to determine which watch serial numbers will fall into the release as we up the v11.25 software release from 10% to 20% to 30% etc.

    Please note, the v11.25 update release is going to be slower. If you do not receive it soon, do not be concerned.

    Fenix 7 Series - Alpha Software v11.26 (The v11.26 Alpha software is able to be downloaded and manually installed for those interested.)

  • Ok thx Chris for the Quick reply. 

  • My wind direction still not working after the update ??

  • It is still not working. In my case it seems like the watch faces that display wind data fetch the wind data displayed in the weather app start page. And that data is not loaded correct. Wind speed is usually 0 and direction is there from time to time. The forecast pages in the weather app seems ok.


    - Are you using an iPhone or Android?

    - If using an iPhone, keep your Connect Mobile APP open at all times.

    - Check your MARQ (Gen 2) watch System > About menu to confirm either being on the v11.25 software or the newer v11.28 software that is not yet in full release but you should receive it this week.

    - Ensure your Connect Mobile APP is fully updated.

    - Hard reset your watch by holding down your top left button until your watch powers off then let go of the button.

    - Any luck?

    If there is still an issue, what shows for the data field?

    - Please take a picture and if possible, when posting your response, use the Insert > Image > Upload option to upload it into this thread.

    If you have any issues uploading a photo, please highlight my name and send me a Private Message. I will be happy to work with you directly to assist you further.

  •    Hi, I use iphone and the connect app is open. 

    I have restarted the watch 

    No change. The wind info in the bottom right in the Weather widget shows only the number 0. When checking the forecast page, the data there is correct so the watch is getting weather data.

    The wind info on the watch face shows — (direction) and 00 KT. And no arrow.

    Thank you!

  • Update worked for me! Thank you for seeing this through!

  • Updated to 11.28 and working fine. I have an android Samsung s22.

    really love this feature, allows you to see how the wind is shifting over time.

    suggestion: you could use a 2 color scheme with the wind indicator or wind speed identifier to indicate if we have high or low pressure.

  • Hello Chris, 

    did update 11.28

    wind direction is working

    I’m happy waiting for it and not returned my watch

    Greetings from Holland,