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MARQ (Gen 2) Captain Unique Watch Face - Wind Data Field Issues

The v11.25 official software update has resolved the bottom center Wind Data field issue.

Example picture provided by  (Thank you!) where the wind is always North so the wind directional arrow is only North.

Example shown when the wind and arrow match up and are not stuck at North.

  • I have the exact same issue, received my Gen2 captain on Thursday 8th December.

    I’ve made sure Garmin connect app is refreshing, in fact the weather widget shows the correct wind direction, it’s just that the clock face dial center bottom isn’t updating at all. In fact it showed 56knts yesterday which was completely inaccurate I guess this is a second issue?

  • Hello and thank you for your report. My sincere apologies for the issue. At the moment, I do not have a solid answer to your question. However, since you are also experiencing an issue with your wind in knots showing incorrectly, it would further point to my gut instinct for the issue. Your watch wind directional arrow and the direction of the wind will not change if the data being received from your Connect Mobile APP does is not complete.

    The more examples I add into the main tracking case for our engineers will help resolve the issue quicker. I am sending you a Private Message to get you added to the case.

  • SOT, but could we use a thread of favorite watch faces with an eye to field customization for certain data fields? 

  • Hello,

    I have the same exact problem. In addition, wind speed isn't displayed and numbers are superposed in the bottom of the data fields like it is buggy. (Happens randomly when wtach is synced with mobile app and weather sync on)

    Wind data looks its displayed properly on another watch face. In additions in this watchface, the hands arent centered.

  • Hello,

    Since the topic isn't pinned anymore, any updates on the issue?

  • There is not an update from engineering but they continue to work on the cause of the issue. I priority pinned the thread up top for 2 weeks to catch more examples.

  • Hi Chris,

    just got my new Marq Captain today. What a fantastic watch! 

    Can confirm the issue with wind indicator not working. I have an Android phone ( Samsung S22)

  • Just received my MARQ Captain yesterday. Same issue. 

  • Hoping bug fix will make it to the next software release. It’s a bit unfortunate (and a little comedy value I guess) for Garmin to issue a luxury product built for sailors that has the wind data wrong! You would think that gets to top of their list. 

  • Agreed.  Wind wrong on a sailor's watch, come on.  While I just got mine and Garmin has been very responsive, I see this issue has been around for bit already.  For 2 grand, it needs to be far more than gimmicky, it must actually work.  If it doesn't, within the return window, I'm sending it back.