v10.43 software faster battery drain issue


Unfortunately 10.43 managed to drain the battery even faster than 9.37.

20% in 22 hours, Garmin, what's going on?

With the same settings, I had just under eight days runtime under the 8 versions.

Since version 9.37 only four to five days maximum.

I bought the fēnix 7S Sapphire Solar for ~ 900€. Since I just expect more, and am considering returning the watch, since it still has warranty.

I use durable OX, and have the notification for three apps active.

Yesterday on today no sports activities, just normal use. And still such high consumption.

Resetting the watch is not an alternative, there must be another solution. Other manufacturers prove that it works!

Regards Bennifr

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  • With my 7SS in watch mode only I was seeing 8%/24 hours drain.  With 10.43 I am seeing 11%/24 hours.

  • @Garmin Chris:

    What kind of solution is this to lose all data by making a factory reset? Garmin should fix the problem. Once again the question: why the battery drain is that high.

    The settings on my Fenix S7 Sapphire Solar have not changed since the Firmware of the 8 line.

  • What kind of solution is this to lose all data by making a factory reset?

    It is up to you. No one is forcing you to choose the path. You are being given all known options.

  • This is not correct, because Garmin has built a faulty firmware. The error can only be solved by a factory reset. So either I have a watch with an error ignored by the manufacturer that makes the watch significantly worse, or I lose my data. Great options for a solution.

    So I already have the feeling of being forced.

  • Garmin has built a faulty firmware

    I am not trying to take away from anyone that is experiencing any battery related issue. You are welcome to say I am not correct and I appreciate your opinion.

    I will only state what I have personally confirmed through my own repeated testing and based on those I know wearing a watch.

    1) I have not experienced any additional battery drain on either my Epix 2 or Fenix 7X Sapphire Solar watch. (v9.33, v9.36, v9.37. I am now testing v10.44 and so far, it has been normal.)

    2) Everyone I personally know, family, friends, co-workers wearing any of our new generation watches using the v10.44 software, ~20 people, no one is experiencing the issue.

    3) On the Product Support side - incoming emails and chat support along with incoming calls, a fast battery drain is not common and there is not a pattern.

    The current software is not causing all current generation watches to fast drain. Reports of the issue remain rare.

    It is for that reason that each report is being handled based on the merits of what is presented during the conversation with encouragement of thorough troubleshooting being done.

  • This means that all the people reporting this problem can only be wrong because you and 20 other people don't have the problem. Sounds logical to me.

    Even deactivating the OX measurement during the Day and hardreset has not brought any significant improvement.

    I haven't counted the number of users who have confirmed the error, but it's definitely enough for the manufacturer to take the problem seriously.

    And here is another thread for the same issue:


    And there are some more...

  • Noooo come on man. I always have pulse ox and hr on 24/7 and average 11-12 days of battery depending on activities that week. It eats battery but not THAT bad

  • And there are some more...

    You are welcome to reach out to Outdoor Product Support in your country to discuss it further. Otherwise, you have made your point known to everyone reading this thread.

  • Ok, three last questions, what is the point of this forum? Is it not for support purposes? And isn't your job to help?

    I am really very disappointed.

  • Based on your posts, you ignored my help and instead chose to go down the path you are on right now. I am sorry if you are experiencing an issue with your battery lifespan. It is unfortunate. I have given clear steps. If the troubleshooting steps given do not resolve your issue or if you refuse to try those steps, you always have the option to contact Outdoor Product Support in your region.

    I wish you the best resolving your issue with product support.