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Sapphire vs non-sapphire reflections

In 6-series there is a huge difference in screen reflections and readability between sapphire(=much worse) and cheaper glass. But the Power Sapphire is genuine new so we need a comparison of reflection on 7-series solar sapphire vs solar non-sapphire. Is there any side-by-side photo of this?

Its a deal breaker for me, I prefer better display readability rather than more resistant sapphire & bigger storage & multiband...

  • Yes my F5 looked fine after its end of use too, no coating I suppose. I used an electric toothbrush and toothpaste. I'm really happy it was that easy, I was kind of leaning towards non-sapphire before that.

  • In 6-series there is a huge difference in screen reflections and readability between sapphire(=much worse) and cheaper glass.

    I think you have nailed in a nutshell why multi-band being tied to sapphire only is so disappointing - sapphire covered screens basically can convince yourself they are OK - until you are side by side with a gorilla glass screen...and I'm saying this as the owner of a Sapphire and non-Sapphire so no dog in this either way.

    Unless everyone is like Mr Bean and constantly walking into things and falling over and scratching them, I'd take the better readability of gorilla glass any day over the risk of a scratch.

    I think Epix will be better with Sapphire as the screen with the brighter...?

  • My two-year-old 6S Pro, non-sapphire, is flawless as it has always had a screen protector, replaced every six months or so as they do get cracked occasionally. I agree sapphire is probably the way to go with the Epix, which I am leaning toward if I can swallow the price difference.

  • I am really strongly disappointed about the normal 7s (non solar non sapphire) glass. 

    I own a 6s Pro for 6 months and every now and then before too. Now I bought a normal 7s. And glass reflection is like night and day. The reflection of the normal 7s looks almost exactly like these of the 5s Plus or the 6s Sapphire. It looks like a mirror and the screen seems dull. My 6s Pro which according to the Garmin site comparison stats should have the same GG DX as the 7s is almost non reflective. This was the reason I returned the 6s sapphire once. MIP displays which are dull and very reflective are sometimes almost unreadable. And now even the normal 7s has the same bad reflections. When I would give my 6s Pro an A grade I would give the new 7s an E. This is ridiculous. The same glass but reflection difference are like night and day? 

    Plus the display seems deeper integrated, it looks like is isn't as highly integrated on the top like the 6s Pro display was. I can't really describe it but I hope <you know what I mean. But it reminds me very much of the display and integration in the hardware of the 5s Plus. A big step backwards. 

    I really wonder what the Solar and most of all the sapphire versions look like when even the normal GG DX version has reflections like a mirror. I wonder if there are any comparisons of the normal 7, 7 solar and 7 S Sapphire with backlog turned off in one picture. 

    I really love the 7s, it is so fluent in system performance, the touchscreen during day to day use is amazing and responsive, much better then the Venu 2. But the reflections and the non removable pins are a No-Go. 

    EDIT: Some comparisons. but those are close shots, in reality difference is even more. 

  • Zange, so thats a 6s pro and a 7s next to each other, both glass?

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    Yes! Normal Fenix 6s Pro no Saphire and normal 7s no Solar no Saphire !!!! 

  • Fenix 7X Power Sapphire vs 6X Sapphire.

    For me Fenix 7X is much worst, is less readable in the normal/low light conditions. I must often use backlight compared with older Fenix.

  • 6679671, Can you try showing a view less straight on and lower light?  doesn't look that bad in that pic  Thanks

  • Exchange it for an Epix2 if you don't mind the battery life loss. But if you're accustomed to a 6S, you probably won't notice a difference, according to the chart posted by DC Rainmaker.

  • @Zange: Thanks for the comparison of 6s non-sapphire to 7s non-sapphire.

    Garmin Homepage says for the Fenix 6s: Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 and for the Fenix 7s Corning® Gorilla® Glass DX.

    So they are not the same, and that is probably the reason why you have a difference between 6s and 7s even though they are both the non-sapphire Version. 

    Btw. I also had a 6s non-sapphire and a 6s sapphire. I also returned the sapphire version because the readability was soooo extremly bad with the sapphire version compared to the non-sapphire version.