Turn off turn by turn annotations in map display?

Hi All,

I hope someone can help me with this. When trail running, I get very frustrated with the amount of information on the map screen. So I've completely turned off the map layer, and what I have is just a display of the course I'm following. The problem is that I do like turn by turn instructions. So I've generated these in a FIT file with plotaroute, and placed them on the watch. The problem is that my Fenix displays all the turns in tiny text overlaid on the map, e.g. "Turn left" "Turn sharp left", as well as trail names where they are available. Sometimes I go through areas with many intersections and turns, and what I get on the display is a horrible confusing tangled mess of overlayed text, my breadcrumb trail, my course, etc. 

Is there are a way to turn this off? Trying to get an acceptable level of detail is really an issue with this watch. It's constantly trying to give me more information no matter what I seem to do.