Streetmaps gone...?

The last week I plugged my Fenix 6X Pro into the computer and it prompted me for map updates. So I did the updates and all seemed OK.

I have now discovered that suddenly detailed maps/streets are missing from navigation. Not sure it's because of the update, but anyone who has a clue what mght be going on here?

Have Garmin removed detailed maps? I'm 100% sure it was working a week ago.

I've factory reset the watch, reinstalled the Topoactive Map for Europe. Same thing.

GPS tracking works great.

The following maps are installed:

  • Topoactive Europe 2021.10 (this should be the one covering streets, right?)
  • Coverage of Europe Midle East Asia & Africa 6.10
  • Coverage of North and South America 6.50
  • Coverage of Pacific 5.60
  • Garmin Ski map 2.0

Watch is 15.20.

Am I the only one with this and any ideas what might be going on?