Buttons press differently, one does not sound

Hello everybody,

first sorry for the bad english but i use google translator... ;)

Today I noticed on my Fenix 6 sapphire that the buttons press differently.

My down button makes no noise when pressed and it also pushes much softer than the others.

I also have a problem with the button up. I press it and when I release it, the button does not come out 100% but jumps twice. So I let go of the button slowly and it makes a second "click" when I release it halfway. Difficult to explain.

Is this normal or warranty case? (Bought 5 weeks ago)

If warranty I bought the Fenix at Sportscheck. Do I have to register there or write directly to garmin? My display of the Fenix is good so I don't want to get a bluish screen

Thanks in advance,