Training Status

It says "unproductive" pretty much all the time.

VO2 - was 48..  now seems to be falling to 44. "fair"

7d load is 531 and it says 446 - 988 is optimal.  So, load seems great.

The focus is "High Aerobic"

304 (purple)

1447 (orange)

458 (blue)

The Garmin connect app says to focus on easy runs or rides etc..  

The problem (I guess) is that anytime I run, and I try and go easy im always around 160 - 169bpm (spikes into the 170+ range) and so this is never an "easy run".  Staying under that 158 range is nearly impossible for me for some reason.  I use the Polar arm band OHR connected to the watch for better accuracy too.

Same goes for my bike rides.

How can I raise my VO2 score?

Also, does activity that is not logged (meaning not starting a activity on the watch) also count in all this?  For example, if I just go outside and go for a walk, is this calculated in my scoring?  Or only when an actual activity program is running?