Fenix 5 Plus series - 18.42 Public Beta

Hello Fenix 5/5S/5X Plus users,

Our next beta version for the Fenix 5 Plus series is now available! 

The links to download the software update are listed below. Select the link specific to your watch model. Please note that your computer will download a .zip file when you open this link. This zip contains the software update, as well as a folder with the file necessary for backdating software, and instructions for this process if you choose to do so. Remember, backdating software will reset all settings.

Use these links to download the zip for your watch to update to version 18.42:

Fenix 5S Plus
Fenix 5 Plus
Fenix 5X Plus

Instructions for updating software:

  1. Download the .zip specific to your computer, using the links above.
  2. Connect the watch to your computer.
  3. Copy the included gupdate.gcd file (from the System_x.xx folder) to the Primary\Garmin folder on your watch.
  4. If there is a WiFi_v*** folder, place the gupXXXX.gcd file into the \GARMIN\REMOTESW folder of the device. 
  5. Disconnect the watch from the computer and it will prompt you to update software.

18.42 Change Log Notes:

  • Added Connect IQ System 5 support.
  • Improved altitude calibration. (See note below)
  • Updated to allow up to 55 teeth on rear gear.
  • Fixed an issue where bike lights could turn on outside an activity.
  • Fixed an issue of receiving multiple inReach lost connection messages.
  • Fixed an issue with getting stuck in device pairing mode.

Note: This update includes improvements in altitude calibration. You may notice some changes in the language and settings. You can read more about the current settings here

Current beta peripheral software version numbers below. New versions are indicated in red.

GPS: 2.70
Wi-Fi: 4.01
BLE/ANT: 6.15
SNS: 2.41

Please note, the beta updates released on these forums are not compatible with APAC region devices.

Please email the Garmin Outdoor Quality Team if you find issues in software after installing this update: [email protected]

  • I did a lot of manual calibration but after an activity the altitude was way off. The level here is about 13 m and sometimes the altitude sensor said it was 237 m. I’m glad that is solved now. Hope it stays that way. 

  • I delayed my update due to an important event. Now I've updated. The info pages shows version 18.42 and Wi-Fi is at 4.01 so the update should have been successful. But the CIQ version is still at 3.3.1 - whatever this means. Does anybody see a CIQ version 5.X.X?

  • API Level 3.3.x (older devices)  and 4.1.x (newer like Venu 2Plus, F7 Epix2) are CIQ version 5 :-)

  • Hello,

    Customer support told me to post my issue here since I have not received a response to my email and they are unable to help me. See below.

    I was able to install the 18.42 beta without issue, but when the wifi tried updating it said update failed. Wifi now says on it’s on version 655.35 and doesn't work (doesn't detect/find any wifi networks). 

    Plugging the watch to the PC or searching for wifi networks puts the watch in a wonky state (causes lock ups) and I have to force shut it down so it can work properly. 

    I’ve tried factory resetting twice and no change. I can not get the watch to show up on the PC so I can try to revert back to previous version 18.00. I've tried different Computers, cable, force mounting it, and other suggestions, but nothing has worked.

    On the plus side, the altimeter does seem to work better/more accuete.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Any issues regarding the beta-version should be sent to the email-address: [email protected]

    But generally there are allready issues with version 18.00 when it comes to wifi-connection.

    If you cannot connect to the your computer using a cable then something must be wrong with the cable.

  • nice to know that you didn’t bother reading. As I already wrote, I already tried a different cable with no difference. this experience has been frustrating. I’ve been bounced around the different support departments and no one has bothered to help me. I heard so much about how great Garmin support supposedly is only to be utterly disappointed. I’ve receive absolutely no response from the beta team. Watch was working fine prior to beta update and now it’s broken. Consumer support sends me to the beta team who does not respond. I was hoping to have a quicker response before my return window closed and now it’s too late. I know the watch is generations old but I like the way it looked, more so in some ways than the new ones. I was hoping to have an answer when I still had a chance to return it 

  • I did more than read your question, I actually choose to answer your question. So, don't be rude because you didn't like the answer.

    and what happend to "Any help would be appreciated.".....

    The answer is still the same though. You did choose to install a beta-version, hence the support cannot help you.

    Your best option is to revert back to 18.00.  When you downloaded the file for the update, there was also a description on how to revert to version 18.00 - if that does not work, your only choice is to write an email.to the beta-dev team using the above email-address or wait for the new firmware to be released. - I actually just tried to update and then revert back to version 18.00 and it works.

    And if you read many of the messages in this forum (and in others) most issues with sync is related to either the connection-pins on the watch itself or the cable is broken somehow. 

    @DCRAINMAKER has written about the best solution for the cable issues ( https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2019/11/the-best-garmin-charger-only-9-for-a-two-pack-of-these-pucks.html ) - that I myself also are using.

    If you are sure that the cable is working fine (When you plug-in the cable/watch to your computer and file-explorer opens or you should be able to open a folder with garmin-files) and your revert to 18.00 does not work, then you are doing something wrong and have to explain what it is you exactly have been doing for the revert to version 18. - most people copy the wrong file to the wrong folder.

  • Any idea when the beta is done and the update will go live?

  • Seriously, 3 months since this beta was released and just nothing since? When are you going to publish the next production firmware? 6X may be my daily driver, but I'd still like my 5X+ kept up to date please.

  • Has this watch stopped being supported through software updates?