Explore Website Message total different to device/app total.

New inReach Mini 2 user in the UK here. My understanding is that messages sent via the Garmin Messenger app will prioritise WiFi or mobile data first, and if those are unavailable, it'll use the satellite network and that message will count towards your monthly message allowance (I'm currently on the Freedom Recreation subscription). Information regarding that is here:


So I sent a few messages using the app to a family member from home, while connected to WiFI, and the app still says '40 messages remaining'. Great! 

However, when I logged in to explore.garmin.com, it tells me I've used 4 of my allocated 40 message. 

Can anyone shed light on this? Which is accurate, the website, or the app? Photo attached for reference.


  • I believe that is a common issue that others have also experienced with the messager app. As some say, the messager app is a mess. Maybe report it to Garmin as the more people that report these things the better the chance of getting them fixed. I think it’s just better to check your phone first to see if you are still in cell range and only use the mini2 when you are for sure out of cell service range, because the app is unreliable for deciding on what it does within a cell coverage area. You are not the first to post on this forum about that issue. My 67i will display the number of messages left in my plan, but it never updates. In fact a Garmin rep once told me it doesn’t keep an accurate account, for an accurate number you need to log into the explore website as you’ve discovered. You can also send messages using the explore app, but I’m not sure of the reliability of correct billing with that app in a cell covered area.  Garmins rules for the messenger app billing. support.garmin.com/.../  Here is  a similar post to yours. forums.garmin.com/.../with-messenger-app-struggling-to-understand-why-also-delivered-by-satellite read near the bottom of it.

  • Hello. When the Messenger app is used, only messages that are sent over satellite are going to be reflected in the message count. With there not being a cost for Messages sent when using WIFI or cell, they are not included in the count provided by the Messenger app.

    Currently the Explore website reflects all messages sent, regardless if sent via satellite, WIFI or cell. Our Engineering team is assessing ways to improve how the messages are reported on the website and we apologize for any confusion. 

  • So the Messenger app is showing the correct number of remaining messages while the Explore website is showing incorect numbers at the moment, correct?

  • It is not incorrect it just counts all types of messages which is why the counts are different.