With Messenger app struggling to understand Why also delivered by satellite

I have upgraded from deLorme for smartphones to a new inReach Mini 2. I installed the Messenger app.

I am very concerned about incurring unnecessary incoming message costs. I don't particularly want to leave every message I ever receive on both the app and the device. I am finding messages being delivered first via internet into the app, then invariably being delivered again via satellite maybe 3 days later. I don't keep the device on all the time so it only syncs with the phone from time to time but I have been syncing after I delete any message from the app. For example, I send a message via internet and receive a reply via internet. I turn device on and sync and the incoming internet message syncs automatically into the device. Some time later I perhaps delete the message from the app. Later on I turn on the device, delete the message IN the device and  then sync. Then maybe 3 days later the message is delivered Again via satellite! This is frustrating. It could be very costly.

Am I expected to keep all messages received forever on the device, for fear that if I ever delete the synced copy from the devide that it will then be delivered all over again via satellite? Surely garmin should give a detaild explanation of when a message will be delivered vis satellite and when it will not. 

I may be wrong but I rather suspect the device keeps a running log of what has and hasn't been received which information goes to Garmin thereby triggering message delivery of any missing messages.

If I go away for a month and upgrade to unlimited plan, send/receive hundreds of messages, get home, downgrade to lower plan, delete all the messages then risk that they are ALL delivered again and cost each!!

Can anyone help or explain? PLEASE Garmin, explain when we will be billed for this. Thank you everyone.

  • Sorry, I can´t help. This is a closed book for me. Garmin has definitions for what, when, how - but unfortunately that doesn't sometimes seem to work as it should. I use the Explore app for my mini 2 - I don't like the Messenger app.

  • NOBODY understands the MESSenger mess. I have no idea whether or not the re-delivery has anything to do with deleting things, failure to sync, or anything else.

    Best thing I can suggest is to open a support ticket.

  • Hello I think I need a bit more clarity here to understand what is going on and what you are seeing on your end. Are messages received and acknowledged (read) in the app, then deleted and come back and are charged as satellite messages? Are you seeing this reflected on an invoice? 

    If a message is acknowledged via WiFi or Cell, then it shouldn't go to Satellite. If it's ignored in the app it is intended to go to Satellite. 

    You can see another thread where instances of this were discussed https://forums.garmin.com/outdoor-recreation/inreach/f/inreach-messenger/338075/billing-for-received-messages-while-inreach-turned-off


    • If a message isn’t opened in the Messenger App while connected to Wi-Fi or cellular, the app is fully closed, not allowed to run in the background, or not connected with your inReach device, received messages will be delivered to the inReach device via satellite.
    • When you go off-grid, the app will switch to satellites when necessary to continue sending messages as long as a compatible inReach device is powered on and connected with the app.

    With a scenario where there is a Wi-Fi or Cellular connection and a Bluetooth connection between the Messenger App on your phone and inReach device there wouldn’t be a satellite message.

    For instance, if you have the app on your phone and the device connected but then leave your phone in your car with cellular data or wifi, but take the device out while hiking, the Bluetooth connection gets broken. If you receive messages during this time they will be sent to the device via satellite.

    If you turn on the inReach device and there is no Bluetooth connection, and you receive a message it will be a satellite message. 

  • Hello Leslie. Yes I was billed. I used one complete billing month to do test messages, numbered 1, 2, 3 etc. All sent from the messenger app on another phone to my inReach. All were delivered to my messenger app via internet. I would 'open' the message sufficient for the incoming 'notification' to go away. Sometimes I also touched the message itself to open the little metadata page with the map at the top. Because of the bluetooth connection betwen phone and inreach the messages, day by day as I did tests slowly, all synced to the inreach but they don't appear as a new unread message, they were just deposited into the inreach, I think as one would expect. Gradulally I deleted the messages in the inreach. Some I deleted in both phone and inreach, frequently syncing the phone to decide and your servers. Some I deleted in just the inReach. In EVERY case, typically about 2-3 days later the message would be re-delivered to the inReach VIA SATELITE. It was the same whether the inReach was connected to the phone or not connected.. In each case the message count reduced on the in-app message number, down from my initial 40 messages available. The website at end of billing month said I hadn't sent any messages. I then checked the bill and EVERY message re-delivered by satellite had been deducted from my monthly credit of 40. This is a concern because I go on a long trip soon and though I might upgrade to the unlimited plan, when I get home I would be so upset if I delete the messages from inside the inReach (why leave them all there forever for any possible thief to read) and then every one is re-delivered by satellite. This could cost a few hundred pounds. In fact this is so concerning to me that I may just remove the messenger app and de-register my phone number and get biled for every outgoing and incoming message as at least I would know with certainty what the costs are whereas at the moment I have a wholly unknown cost implication. I used the original deLorme inReach device since 2013 so that's many years and I liked it a lot, I was always certain what it would cost me. I suppose the only other alternative is to use the messenger app but when I get home, de-register my number and then remove the app. But might everything ever sent then also get re-delivered to the inReach. Some experts at Garmin should really look into this, I think this is a very significant failure of the system. Could it be that I am the only person deleting the messages in the device as maybe others just leave EVERYTHING in the inReach forever, but personally I think this is a real privacy/security risk as these tiny messages can contain a lot of significant information. Thanks for your input.

  • I can understand the concern of when a message is read or sent and delivered and when it would count or not. There are quite a few moving parts to switching between satellite messages and wifi/cellular messages especially in this scenario. I would in your case if concerned with when the message may come through and in what format recommend that you would de-register and remove the messenger app and just strictly use the explore mobile app. The explore mobile app allows you to have messaging, mapping, and tracking functionality with your mini 2. The things you would e missing would be the cellular data/wifi messaging option and the subscription controls in the app. However, you would not have the question of what may be charged and when. Comparing the Garmin Messenger and Garmin Explore Apps

  • This is really confusing a lot of people not exatly to know, which way it is sent and it seems that often something in the back is going wrong and a message which was sent via WiFi or cell is again sent via satellite and the customer is charged for this. I think even Garmin does not exactly know, what is going wrong here. Of course the hint to prevent that a free cell or Wifi message is sent additionally via satellite and charged to de-register the messenger app and regulary send as a charged message via sattelite via the Explore app is...

  • If there is an instance where you have used the messenger app, read the message within the app when it was received but then at a later date incurred a satellite message charge for the same message, please contact Product Support directly for assistance.

  • For what it’s worth, I had the same issue after testing today. Sent Garmin my device logs after chatting. Hopefully that helps them solve the issue. It stinks because the messenger app with built in location on messages makes a lot of sense.