R10 distances seem off.

I have been using the R10 for a couple days now and my distances seems way off. Seems very club is approx 20yards short from the range? Is there anything that needs to be done with calibration?

  • Check out david maxfield on youtube.

    In his indoor setting he does not have ceiling height to hit driver, I believe it's around 8 feet.

    And he has projector and who knows what else.

    Accurate numbers (more or less), so it must be possible.

  • So, I was able to get more accurate results by adjusting the Altitude.  It was better for sure, but still inconsistent.  I ended up downloading the Awesome Golf app.  Unfortunately, it costs $350 but it works.  My irons are pretty much dead on with Awesome Golf.  Driver is accurate most of the time but I do get misreads when hitting driver.  For the most part, this app is good enough for the practice I am seeking.  I haven't attempted to use the Garmin app since using Awesome Golf.  I won't go back at this point.

  • Just bought an R10 and seem to be having the same issue - getting low carry distance, 7 iron is measuring about 95-100m, where as during the gaping session at drummond I was carrying the 7i 139m. R10 is updated to 4.30, R10 is 2.1m from hitting position, net is 3m from hitting position. I'm outside hitting into a GoSports 10 foot by 7 foot net. Grass is maybe slightly angled up compared to where the R10 stands on concrete at the edge of the grass. Tried changing the altitude, humidity, temp measurements, didn't seem to make any difference. Have calibrated the device on a level floor (used a spirit level). Have tried Garmin Golf, E6 and Awesome Golf apps, all registering roughly the same distances. I feel like i've tried everything ive seen on youtube videos or on reddit. Only other thing I can think of are the RCT balls but no video ive seen shows them making much of a difference. Any more ideas?

    EDIT - A few days later, seem to be getting better distances now, 7i getting high 130s on good hits. Not sure what changed but seems to be working well. Took the R10 to drummond and tested with the simulator and some RCT balls. Good hits were within 1m of each other!

  • Has anyone got a fix for this.  I see the thread started 2 years ago.  I have been having the same issue as everyone else 2 years later.  I have updated software raised and lowered.  I have lined my garage with felt because they said the metal in the doors could be effecting in.  I have $4000 extra spent on trying to get my $600 tool to work properly.   Feel I should have just bought the $4000 launch monitor and saved myself some headache

  • Download Awesome Golf app and check your distances on that.  The Garmin app is not good.  This was the only fix for mine.  Awesome golf is pretty accurate on distance

  • Awesome golf is way better of an app but not the answer. If you’re indoor it’s going to be inconsistent with distances. I’ve been through the same issues since the launch of the product. I have spent hundreds on improving the space (new lights, carpeting, felt, alignment, stands, rct balls) and just when I think it’s spot on, it reverts to 10-30 yards off. It’s a constant tinker. Spin and ball speed seem to be the culprit. It will read an 85mph clubhead speed of an 8 iron hit center with a 95mph ball speed and huge spin. 

    All Doppler based behind the ball monitors suffer from the same issues. 

    tips: beyond all the ideal alignment and distance tips on here. Get rid of anything LED in the space like lights. No fans. No AC. Elevate the r10 slightly above the mat. This gives me best results.  

    or just cheat and set elevation to 10,000 ft. Joy lol