Venu 2s sleep data missing if you start an activity at night

The past two nights I left the 'indoor walking' activity going all night on the Venu 2s. The result is that no sleep data is being show in Garmin Connect for those two nights. I did the same all last week with the Venu SQ (also running indoor walking all night), and didn't have it interfere with the sleep data.

I'm working on  a sleep related app, and have been using some datafields for testing. I haven't yet checked whether running any app is impacted, or just activities.

  • Just an update on some further testing. It appears this impacts Activities only. Every night that we ran an activity overnight we didn't get any sleep data. (Tested over 3 nights) 

    But last night we ran a custom watch app rather than an activity all night, and the sleep data came through fine. (tested 1 night so far)

    On a related note, we had a night were we didn't run anything, but didn't get sleep data, but the watch battery dropped below 10% during the night. Not that surprising but it would have been nice to have gotten partial data later. (We checked back 24hrs later to see if the data eventually showed, and it didn't)

  • Thanks for the context.

    As I expand the test I will see how significant this impact is. If it only is impacted by Activities, that's probably fine. If any running app impacts it, that's more of a pain. And if background events block the built in analysis, that will seem pretty bad. (Not saying they do, I haven't tested that yet).

  • Sleep tracking is different between the venu sq and venu2.  On the venu sq, data is sent to garmin and the analysis is done on the garmin servers.  On the venu 2, the analysis runs on the watch.  That's why you see the difference.