CIQ datafield session data not viewable after device software update

I have a CIQ datafield (link) which was able to save session fit data and this was viewable in garmin connect mobile and web view.  This worked fine with a 955 solar and software 18.26.  Since update to software 19.13 no fit session data is saved despite the datafield not being changed in any way.  fit record data is saved fine in both cases. 

I can also test this on a 255 music using software 18.27 and it works fine in this case. 

On the gc web view, matching the app, the connectIQ session data section is correspondingly absent on 955 on 19.13 and present on either device on 18.XX software.  Likewise on the web view, the record data is present in all cases. 

I also tested a different popular CIQ df (link) which records fit data on the 955 with s/w 19.13 and had the same absent session data and present record data.


See discussion post for pictures because I cannot attach pictures to this post:

  • I realize this isn't very helpful, but you can attach images in the comments.

  • I think this has been reported already (at least in the discussion forum), but the bigger issue with the report is that it has 0 useful info in it. App IDs, pictures showing the problem, even better: pictures showing the same app recorded session data earlier, before the upgrade...