Watchface: Yet Another Watchface

Yet another watchface with weather forecast, additional timezone and currency exchange rate.

All comments and suggestions are welcome here.


This simple configurable digital face has:

- Time, (24hr mode only)

- Current City Name, based on GPS. You have to get GPS coordinates to update the city if location has been changed

- Current Date and Week Day

- Battery Level

- Actual Weather in current location, Temperature (C|F), Perception probability and Wind(kn|m/s)

- Current Time in one addition timezone (DST will be calculated automatically)

- Actual Currency Exchange Rate, between two out of 47 currencies. Updates once in 60 min if internet connection is available

- Pulse

- Distance (km, miles, steps)

There is not much options to configure yet, work in progress...

Configure all the watch face options via the Garmin Connect mobile app:

Open Garmin Connect Mobile. Touch More, Garmin Devices, (your device), Connect IQ Apps, Watch Faces, (select YA-WatchFace), Settings.