Support Thread for Simple Walk

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While this may look like a watch face, it's actually an application to to record a simple walk!

While running, the main screen looks very much like a watch face, with all the typical things, but behind it are three additional screens. (swipe or up/down to get to them)

  • additional data including Temperature (Tempe required), Pressure (on watches with a baro altimeter), Altitude, Pace, Speed, Calories, and Laps (A-Laps means you are using auto laps! - Default is Auto-Lap each 1 mi or km)
  • a chart of your walk, with dots to indicate your start and each lap mark, as well as current heading
  • "Back to Start" with the direction and distance, your current heading, and current lat/lon

When the app starts, it will waits for GPS, and you'll be told to press start when GPS has a lock. Pressing start again pauses the recording, and gives you the option to resume, save, or discard the recording.

A number of things can be changed by using "settings" in Garmin Connect Mobile or Garmin Express, including the bottom like on the main screen. It will show you daily steps, daily cals, daily distance, and on watches that support it, floors and intense minutes.

I want to keep this a simple alternative to Hike/Hike2, so please look at those if you want additional features, as they may already have the feature. (My sig is a link to my other apps)
  • Hi. On my 735xt running version 9.4, simple walk downloads and installs but will not show as a profile to load. I've looked in watch faces and widgets, switched watch on and off with no success, any ideas?

  • When on the watchface, press the upper right button to see "activities" (run,etc), Keep pressing up until you see  "IQ Apps".  Press the upper right button, then press it again.  You'll see a list that includes Simple Walk.  select it with the upper right button after centering it.

  • Worked out out. Look in connect iq apps

  • Thanks Jim, appreciated

  • Thank you for the app, it's surprising that this basic functionality doesn't come built-in with the device.

    Would it be possible to either add an option to autostart tracking when GPS is ready, or to allow the user to start the tracking despite GPS not being ready yet? My problem is that if GPS isn't ready right away, I forget to manually start the tracking when GPS becomes ready later. (I'm used to ignoring the device buzzing during activities.) I don't mind missing GPS data at the start of my walks (before satellites are found), tracking the time is more important for me.

    Also, for my 735XT at least, the up arrow button has a long-press options menu, which (among other things) allows you to lock the buttons. For some reason this doesn't seem to work in Simple Walk, as the up arrow button only brings up another data screen. I don't know if it's possible to implement (or pass through) the options menu in apps, but I'd like to be able to lock the device for walks too.

  • I too have an 735xt and not being able to lock it. More than often I accidentally pause the activity which is unfortunate.

    I am also wondering if it's possible to show activity steps on the results page? And since it's not possible to save actual activity steps as a data field in Garmin Connect maybe it's possible to parse the number to activity notes or as a comment or something?

  • There's really no way to do a lock like in a native app.  And actually when I first write this, steps were being shown in GC< but Garmin took that out for some reason.

  • Very Nice app. But sometimes it restarts nu watch

  • What watch do you have and which firmware version?  The 235 has had problems that seem to be FW related.

  • I have the Garmin 235 with the lastest software version 7.90 (cf8d7e5) - I have the watch for some years now - I have had troubles whit apps due to my language selection settings in the past (They are Dutch and sometimes the swap of points an comma's give programs problems. But that would be structural and not random. When I select the app the telephones often restarts. I can't relate it to a specific cause. When It works it works great.Sometimes it restarts multiple times before the app works. Now I give it one try and then I choose an other activity that I have to alter later.