Support Thread for Simple Walk

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While this may look like a watch face, it's actually an application to to record a simple walk!

While running, the main screen looks very much like a watch face, with all the typical things, but behind it are three additional screens. (swipe or up/down to get to them)

  • additional data including Temperature (Tempe required), Pressure (on watches with a baro altimeter), Altitude, Pace, Speed, Calories, and Laps (A-Laps means you are using auto laps! - Default is Auto-Lap each 1 mi or km)
  • a chart of your walk, with dots to indicate your start and each lap mark, as well as current heading
  • "Back to Start" with the direction and distance, your current heading, and current lat/lon

When the app starts, it will waits for GPS, and you'll be told to press start when GPS has a lock. Pressing start again pauses the recording, and gives you the option to resume, save, or discard the recording.

A number of things can be changed by using "settings" in Garmin Connect Mobile or Garmin Express, including the bottom like on the main screen. It will show you daily steps, daily cals, daily distance, and on watches that support it, floors and intense minutes.

I want to keep this a simple alternative to Hike/Hike2, so please look at those if you want additional features, as they may already have the feature. (My sig is a link to my other apps)