App: Circuit Training

Hi all, this is my first Garmin app: it's a bodyweight circuit training app.

I built this app mainly to have some complete workout for the days I'm not running. I wanted something more than a timer, but also some suggestion about some of the exercises I could be doing in the circuit.


  • show the current exercise, the remaining time, your heart rate and the progress on the training, while also notifying you when an exercise is about to start or it's time to take a break.
  • configurable exercise duration
  • configurable recovery period between each exercise
  • configurable circuit repetitions
  • configurable type of notification (sound and/or vibrations or none)
  • simple animation showcasing the current exercise (I thought not everybody knows all the exercises names)

Upcoming features

The app is still work in progress and at the moment it just presents a single circuit with always the same exercises, but I'm already working to add more variation and different circuit propositions.

Some of the other features I have in my TODO list:

  • more exercise types
  • end-of-session summary page
  • select which part of the body to focus on to generate a dedicated circuit with most of the exercises involving that part
  • ad-hoc circuit suggestion based on your last activities (including other sports) (maybe use AI for that?)
  • consider the user heart rate zones to display a proper gauge


As you can see in the store page, I put quite a lot of effort to support a large variety of devices (and you know how much of a pain that could be Sweat smile) but a part from mine and a handful ones I borrowed from friends, I tested the app mainly on the simulator. So every app testing and feedback on a real device would be more than welcome, if with pictures/videos then it would be amazing!

The same regarding the actual app content: if you have any feedback about the type of training, exercises, UI, etc, please feel free to drop me a comment here or in PM, I'm looking forward to any kind of constructive feedback!!

  • New app release: 0.1.1

    This release adds more types of exercises and circuits, and support for the newly announced Venu 3 and Venu 3s models.


  • New app release: 0.1.2

    In this release I added a training preview screen shown as soon as the user opens the app. This contains a summary of the workout (number of exercises, durations) and the list of all the exercises for the circuit.

    It was quite a pain but also fun to create that scrolling page, working with both touch and button controls.

  • It's a great app. As an athlete, I understand what it's for. Convenient.

  • Just a small update on what I'm working on: reworked UI for the heart rate (based on the user hr zones) and circuit progress! Let me know what you think! 

  • New app release: 1.0.0

    This release adds support for these devices: Descent mk3, Fenix 7 pro solar and Fenix 7x pro solar

    Added the ability to skip rest periods using the back button (similar to what can be done during a Garmin run with recovery periods)

    The biggest news from this release is the new design using HR and circuit progress gauges (for devices with display larger than 300px)

  • This is an example of how it now looks on supported devices