App: Hike2

The next generation of the Hike app. With additional memory and sensors on the vivoactive HR, all be looking at adding new stuff. Right now, it makes use of the hardware compass and barometric Altimeter!

Like Hike, it's stats up and once it gets GPS, press start to begin the recording. There are then a number of screens you can swipe through to see data, like time-distance, pace-speed, altitude data, lat/lon data, and a chart that shows your hike so far. Pressing the back button while recording marks a waypoint, and pressing start pauses the recording, and gives you the option to resume, save, or discard the recording.

To learn about some of the basic functionaly here, see the thread for the initial version:

Please post questions and problems here.
  • Hi!

    first, thanx for your good work. My issue/problem is that the screen is freezing when I start Hike2+. The screen says: Waiting for GPS. GPS Q:None Menu for start options. Then nothing happens. I have tried different satellites and it’s now set at GPS+Galileo. 

    why doesn’t it work like it used to?

    my watch: FR245 music

    Email: [email protected]

    Best regards!

  • GPS Q (GPS QUALITY) None, means it can't get a GPS lock.  It needs GPS for you to start recording.  Make sure you are outside, and see if you can get "green" GPS with something like the native run activity.  You may want to sync using Garmin Express to make sure your GPS prediction files are up to date.  They expire after a short time.

  • Can I remove waypoints.  Marked Town  trail junctions and a few hiking features.  Now want to do property lines and survey pins.  I can live with the count going up but now that I exported them to GoogleEarth Pro, I got them there and GConnect.  And yes I really like this app.

  • Before you start recording, long press the middle left button, and turn off "load WPs".  Mark your new ones, and when you go to save the recording, pick "also save WPs".

    Remember to turn "load WPs" back on next time you want to use the new ones.

  • Hi! I found your app because apparently it doesn't auto save the activity when stopped. I'm trying to find a way to not auto save my runs.

    Where is the fit file for this stored on the watch? I am using the SDK from Garmin and was hoping to find a field pertaining to the auto save function by comparing this fit file to the ones for running.

    Would you happen to know what field to alter? Thank you so much!! 

    PS: happy to donate if you can modify my trail run fit file.

  • CIQ activities don't auto-save.  Native ones do (on some devices).  CIQ activities don't use a fit file like native activates do.  There isn't anything you can change in native activities to present the auto save.  That's done in the firmware.  Forerunners don't auto save, but va/venu devices do.

  • Hi,

    I installed the app Hike2+ today, however getting an error "Wait for GPS Q: None " Menu" for Startup Options."

    Pls suggest how to resolve.

    I have an Vivo active 4. It's a new watch and all the software are updated.

  • Hello, I’ve purchased the app many years ago, how do I retreive my code?

  • This app has always been free.  All features are available without a code.

  • forgot to say thanks. Works great’