Smart Bike Lights (Data Field) / Bike Lights Control (Widget)

I've made two open source CIQ applications to control ANT+ lights:

- Smart Bike Lights (data field): 


- Bike Lights Control (widget): 


Smart Bike Lights features:
- Automatic light control (Smart mode) based on the configured filters (sunset, sunlight, speed, ...)
- Manual light control (only for Edge devices with a touch screen or devices with CIQ 3.2 and more than 32KB memory)
- Records lights modes that are displayed in Garmin Connect

Bike Lights Control features:
- Manual light control (available to all devices)

Both applications can be installed on the same device, which can be useful for low end devices (e.g. Edge 520) where "Bike Lights Control" can be used to change light modes manually and "Smart Bike Lights" for automatic light control.

Currently registered ANT+ lights:
- Bontrager Ion Pro RT
- Bontrager Ion 200 RT
- Bontrager Flare RT
- Garmin Varia RTL500
- Garmin Varia RTL510
- Garmin Varia RTL515
- Garmin Varia HL500
- Garmin Varia UT800

in case your ANT+ light is not on the list you can help by doing the following:

1. Install Bike Lights Control
2. Pair your bike light with your Garmin device
3. Open the widget:
- Edge with a touch screen: post which numbers are displayed on the buttons and what mode each button represents when pressed
- Other devices: Select the "Light modes" menu and post which numbers are displayed in the menu and what mode each menu item represents when selected

Example for Bontrager Ion Pro RT:

1 -> High steady beam
2 -> Medium steady beam
5 -> Low steady beam
63 -> Day flash
62 -> Night flash

There are some features that could be possible to add in the future, but would require Garmin to add them to the CIQ api. In case you are interested in any of the below features, consider upvoting their feature request thread:

1. Control lights based on the ambient light sensor available on some devices: 

  • Yes, everything works fine!   

    Need to remove the radar from the list of sensors and find the light and radar again.

  • hi,i use the following config with my Forerunner 935 and flare RT

    default mode night steady,sunset or sunrise change to flash


    but when the network connected ,the light turn on,still  night steady,didn't change to flash 

    what should i do,thanks!

  • Hi,

    you need to enable GPS on your watch as sunset/sunrise is calculated based on your location. When the GPS is disabled the "Timespan" filter containing a sunset/sunrise is skipped, this is why the default mode "Night Steady" is active in your case.

  • Use "acceleration" filter, Light mode  is in "DAY FLASH" mode, can you add a custom time length? to make the light flash longer
    Thank you for your help and hard work

  • I can try to add an additional setting to set the minimum time the filter is active when the condition is met. I will inform you when the setting will be released.

  • I've been using the data field on my 1030 with great success.Thumbsup tone1

    I quite often do long distance rides on roads that can have traffic but often are traffic free for some distance. If I forget to turn the light off from the app the battery can die long before I get home. To conserve the battery I was wondering if it was possible to implement an automated mode, which would turn the light off unless a vehicle was detected, where it would turn the light on in the mode that had been configured?

  • It is possible by implementing a filter that uses the radar to detect whether there is any vehicle behind you. Also as the api supports it, I can add an optional setting to set on which vehicle distance the filter start to be active. The only problem is that I don't have a Varia light to test it. I can implement the filter but I will need someone that is willing to test the filter. In case you can help me test the filter I can implement it in the next version.

  • Excellent. Sure no problem, I'd be glad to help

    Even if it was just activated on a vehicle detection & deactivated on all clear would be as good as anything for me. Will be looking forward to see what you come up with 

  • Because using your program, I have implemented the brake lights, I want to make the brake lights flash longer, I made some repetitive filters, and when I ride into the tunnel, I have implemented the night flash automatically

    Thank you so much for your help

    ###0,73535488#17,10|BRAKE1:2:7A<-3C>2.22222|BRAKE2:2:7A<-6C>2.22222|BRAKE3:2:7A<-10C>2.22222|BRAKE4:2:7A<-15C>2.22222|BRAKE5:2:7A<-20C>2.22222|BRAKE6:2:7A<-25C>2.22222|BRAKE7:2:7A<-30C>2.22222|GPS:1:6G<4|NIGHT:1:6Es1800,r-1800|:1:0D=1##6,5:Varia 515|2,:-1,Off:0|1,Solid:4|1,Peloton:5|1,Day Flash:7|1,Night Flash:6#B3570##3#0#1
  • Your configuration can be simplified to:

    ###0,73535488#5,4|BRAKE1:2:7A<-3C>2.22222|GPS:1:6G<4|NIGHT:1:6Es1800,r-1800|:1:0D=1##6,5:Varia 515|2,:-1,Off:0|1,Solid:4|1,Peloton:5|1,Day Flash:7|1,Night Flash:6#B3570##3#0#1

    filter groups BRAKE2 to BRAKE7 will never be activated as BRAKE1 covers all cases from -3 to -30 acceleration. Are you still interested in having an additional "timer" or does this configuration work as you would like to?