AppBuilder 5+ question about interval and rest counting

First, thanks for the Appbuilder 5+

I have made a datafield that tells me that which rep is going. Sometimes the focus is so in training that I lose the count and that's why I have made this simple formula that counts me reps and shows the rests (with a twist):

(Lapcount PLUS 2) / 2

So e.g. first rep => datafield shows number 1. When I press lap button and rest starts, datafield shows me 1.5. And again, when rest is over and I press lap button and start the second rep, datafield shows me whole number 2, and so on...

=> x (whole) number indicates the rep that I am running
=> x.5 indicates the rest of that rep

Question: is it possible to write a text for example "rest 1" instead of 1.5. if that is possible, how is it made with appbuilder 5+