Let me introduce you my Garmin Watch face: SHN Tactical

Avaliable here: SHN Tactical.

Tactical Watchface with (from top to bottom) :

- Phone statut : Connected / Alarm / Dot not Disturbed (if avaliable)

- Separator line

- Dual time with hour/min offset from your current time and time zone letter (DST on/off) or Daycounts or Position

- Time in military format with always on sec (if 1hz avaliable) and second on ring

- date with 3 different format : EEE dd MMM [w/y] / EEE MMM dd [w/y] / NATO Format with dst indication

- Astrological information with time left to (sunrise/sunset), timeline , sunrise and sunset time, moon phase or bigger fitness data

- Small field with either Position (MGRS DEG DEM from the last position known)

or Fit data gauges from top to bottom and left to right steps, floors (if avaliable), Calories (goal can be set), weekly active minute, distance, HR

or Small astro information.

- Battery information and notifications count

colors can be set.

This is my first Watch Face so if something wrong, please let me know.

Astrological info are calculated from your GPS position, if it doesn't work start an activity and wait for GPS location.