VA3 + F5 FW bug! ActivityInfo.currentLocation drifts away 10s of km per day

Hello, I am debugging my Weathergraph watchface on VA3, and I found that the location provided by Activity.getActivityInfo().currentLocation drifts away over time by 10s of kilometers per day on Vivoactive 3.

The drift starts from a real location of last activity, but then a fixed offset over time is added, so that after a day without GPS lock watch returns a location that might be 50 km away - and I get reports that app is showing weather for a wrong location.

Locking GPS returns the location back to my real location, but then it starts to drift again in a seemingly random direction and speed again.

I logged locations returned by ActivityInfo and visualized it on the map, please check the attachment.

This seems like a serious bug in a GPS firmware.

SW versions:
Vivoactive 3 silver
SW 5.50 (latest available)
GPS version 2.30
TSC 2.10
Sensor 6.00
WHR 20.03.31
CIQ 3.0.3
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