This app is not compatible with the selected device

A user has reported a problem installing an app on his Edge 820 He gets the "this app is not compatible with the selected device" error. I run the app without any issues on my 820. The app manifest lists 820 as a supported device:

<iq:product id="edge_1000"/>
<iq:product id="edge_520"/>
<iq:product id="edge820"/>

Any idea why this may be happening?
  • If you look in the devices/compiler.json for the 1030, the Version of CIQ on the Japanize device is 3.1.3, so when you bumped the min SDK to 3.2 it no longer fits that minimum.  You may want to change the min SDK to 3.1 and then use

    if(Toybox has :Weather)

    to check for that.  Not all 3.2 devices support weather so you probably want to do that anyway.

  • Thanks for responding Jim.  I can see what you mean in the compiler.json file.  The screen shot he sent me of his device, though, shows Connect IQ Version 3.2.4 (and Firmware 11.10).  How could that be?

    Yep, I am using HAS for weather amongst other things.


  • It doesn't matter what's on the device in this case.  Based on the compiler.json, the APAC for Japan  version won't be included in the iq file. due to the min being 3.2

    BTW, EVERY one of my apps has a min of 1.2, and then I cut off some devices by not including them, and then in many cases, "has" is really handy.  That way if there is a FW update, the app just works, and there is no need to upload a new version.

  • Thanks Jim.  Yeah, I want to move away from supporting devices that only have 28K available for datafields and I want to incorporate some of the new features (and retire some legacy stuff), and whilst HAS is good and useful (I use it a lot at startup and settings changes to work out what I can/cannot support) it's not the best user experience when they think they're getting all the you-beaut features only for some of them not to work because their device doesn't support them.  I'd rather the app not appear for them to download, hence setting min sdk to 3.2.4.  BUT, in this case, I'll change it to 3.1.0.  

  • "has" is at the very top of my tool box when it comes to supporting things like WW vs APAC

    When it comes to devices with the minimal memory for a DF, just don't include them as targets.

    minSDK will just get you into problems like you have here.