makeOAuthRequest - Google SignIn - disallowed_useragent

Hi there,

I know its not really a bug, but for sure its a problem.
When trying to make an oauth request with the google signin api you get an error page that says "disallowed_useragent".
The problem is that google no longer allows the sign in with webViews -->

Does anybody know if it planned to update the connect mobile app?
Does anybody have a workaround for this?

Thanks alot.
  • Hey,

    Thank you so much for the information. I have a ticket created and we are getting on this on ASAP.

  • Hi Coleman,

    Do you have any updates on this?

    At least a workaround we can use while you're at it?

    I have the same issue here and I believe Google OAuth is a strong use-case.


  • Hi,

    is there any status update about the ticket?
  • We updated our Known Issues Thread ( with details about this:

    Google OAuth Changes - Google no longer allows OAuth in web-views. This has been in place since October 20, 2016. Here is a the comment from Google:

    The rollout schedule for the deprecation of web-views for OAuth requests to Google is as follows. Starting October 20, 2016, we will prevent new OAuth clients from using web-views on platforms with a viable alternative, and will phase in user-facing notices for existing OAuth clients. On April 20, 2017, we will start blocking OAuth requests using web-views for all OAuth clients on platforms where viable alternatives exist. If you have any questions with the migration, please post to Stack Overflow tagged with "google-oauth".

    Here is a link to their developer blog post about it:

    For now, we're just documenting the limitation and don't have any short-term plans to address this.
  • Hi All,

    Do you have some update on this? Can we do some workaround? Maybe send some additional headers in makeOAuthRequest().

    Or is the only solution to have separate android companion app and login there and don't use makeOAuthRequest() with Garmin Connect Mobile? With Connect IQ simulator all works fine.

    I believe there can be many helpful watch apps that are reading/writing data from google sheets

    Thank you