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Known Issues Thread

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  • Known Issues Thread

    Known Issues List:

    Hello all! It has been requested that we have a list of issue that we are currently working on listed in one place. This is our attempt to provide you the information that you need. Here are a few things to note. We will do our best to keep this as up to date as possible. This list will be curated to include only the known issues that have a wide effect. This means that an obscure bug you found in your code may not be a common use case and may not be on the list. We will continue to work with each of you individually in normal forum posts. Thank you so much and I hope that this helps!


    Forerunner 920XT Antialiased Custom Font Resources Do Not display on device - There is an issue in the 920XT firmware where custom fonts are not displayed correctly (if at all) when antialiasing is set to true for the font resource. There is not a known fix at this time. A popular workaround is to define the resource specifically for the 920XT via it's own fonts.xml and set antialiasing to false.


    FitContributor Garmin Connect Display Issues - We are aware of several different reports of FitContributor data either not displaying in Garmin Connect or changes made from version to version not being displayed in Garmin Connect. Unfortunately it seems that the fix that is needed is not in the hands of the Connect IQ team at this time. We understand that this is a big reason to build on our platform and are continuing to try and gain traction on this issue.

    UPDATE: Several of these issues have been addressed. Please let us know if you continue to see them.


    MapView() Flicker on Device - There have been several reports about issues where maps will appear to flicker or map tiles will fail to load when running a MapView() or MapTrackView() on device hardware. We are aware of these issues and are working with device teams to reproduce. Please feel free to continue reporting instances of mapping issues through our Bug Reports Forum.


    Mobile SDK and Edge, Rino, and Oregon Devices -
    The Mobile SDK currently does not allow for communication with Edge, Rino, and Oregon devices directly with mobile partner apps. All content must be channeled through Garmin Connect Mobile (i.e. makeJsonRequest).

    OAuth Response Codes - Occasionally an OAuth message callback (registered with the registerForOAuthMessages() function) receives a response code of 2 instead of 200. The data is still good, but the response code is truncated. Only occurs on device (GCM) and never in the Connect IQ Simulator. We are also aware of some cases where a response code of 503 or 302 is returned when it should be code 200. These issues are under investigation.

    Forum Post Issues - There have been several reports from forum users that they are having difficulty posting. This sometimes looks like an error for posts longer than a few lines. We believe that this issue has been addressed, but please let us know if this continues to be encountered.

    Google OAuth Changes - Google no longer allows OAuth in web-views. This has been in place since October 20, 2016. Here is a the comment from Google:

    The rollout schedule for the deprecation of web-views for OAuth requests to Google is as follows. Starting October 20, 2016, we will prevent new OAuth clients from using web-views on platforms with a viable alternative, and will phase in user-facing notices for existing OAuth clients. On April 20, 2017, we will start blocking OAuth requests using web-views for all OAuth clients on platforms where viable alternatives exist. If you have any questions with the migration, please post to Stack Overflow tagged with “google-oauth”.
    Here is a link to their developer blog post about it:

    Failed inside handle_json_callback errors:

    We see errors here often as this tends to be extremely specific and very dynamic per each unique use case. We are aware that there are errors that come up. Please report a unique bug in the Bug Reports section of our forums providing as much detail about your specific case as possible. This will help us to diagnose your specific issue and what bugs may be happening.

    App Store:

    Duplicate Manifest ID error - We have found an error that we believe has to do with browser information caching where it is possible to accidentally create a duplicate manifest ID for two different apps. This occurs when two tabs or windows are open and a developer tries to upload both at the same time. As of right now, the best practice it to completely upload an app or update to an app by itself. Once this is finished completely, you may upload the next app. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    If you do run into this error. Please email us at [email protected] with the store id (ending of URL for that app) and the correct UUID found in the manifest.xml for the app. Make sure it is clear which ID and URLs are matching pairs as we well manually update the database with this information to match the truth.

    App Listing Access - We are aware that some have been receiving messages saying that they have been blocked when attempting to update App Store content. If you are given this message please email [email protected] with a description including the "Ray ID" number for assistance.
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    Update: removed iOS Settings issue.
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