Recent GPS Issues on my App


I have an App published in the store since November and the last update was on January 19, 2024
Until February 13th, the App was downloaded 2400+ times and it's compatible on 148 different devices (most of them tested on simulator) and none has ever reported an issue

Starting February 14th I got "no gps" issues from three users almost in the same day:

  • Device Name: fenix 7 Pro Sapphire Solar
  • Firmware Version: 15.77
  • Device Name: fenix 6 Pro Solar
  • Firmware Version: 26.00
  • Device Name: fenix 7X Pro Sapphire Solar
  • Firmware Version: 14.68

I remember that each of these models represent about 5% of the total downloads (according to stats from the store before February) and as I said no issues reported before

I have retested the App on the simulator for these devices and no Issues
It would be much appreciated if Anyone could test my App on those model

And can someone help me or tell me if anything specific has changed for those devices (recent updates or something)

link to my App:

Thank you