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Fenix 6 System Software 26.00

Hello Fenix 6 users,

Today we started the rollout of software version 26.00 for the Fenix 6 series devices, this also includes a GPS 6.60 update and language/text files update. Currently we are at 80% with this release and we will increase the % as time goes by.

Change Log

Added the ability to rate Connect IQ applications from the app settings menu.
Added Obstacle Course Racing activity.
Improved algorithm for calculating calories burned in Swim activities.
Improved voice prompts played during activities.
Updated Altitude Acclimation widget to now show altitude acclimation as a percent.
Updated the Golf activity to now allow users to disable the auto-lap notification when recording the activity.
Updated the inReach app to prompt the user when the inReach device is out of range when tracking is toggled on.
Fixed a possible issue that would cause the device to shut down when editing a set in the strength activity.
Fixed a possible shutdown that would occur when receiving smart notifications during an activity.
Fixed a possible shutdown when selecting a PacePro plan.
Fixed a potential issue where connecting headphones while shuffle playing music would cause the device to restart the playlist.
Fixed an issue where setting the default battery mode for an activity would not change the current battery mode of the current activity session.
Fixed a potential issue causing CIQ watch faces to fail to load.
Fixed a potential issue causing device shutdowns in strength activities.
Fixed an issue where the device would not exit Battery Saver Mode after charging fully.
Fixed an issue where the device would not show all saved waypoints on the waypoint list.