Battery drain battery without app running ?

Hi all;

I've searched on this forum, but the last question I found on this question is 7 years ago... A user reports me my app drain a lot of battery without running, on FR255. Is it possible ? I use listener on accelerometer in this app.


  • Probably a firmware issue.  Have the user reboot their watch. Press and hold the upper left button for about 20 seconds and the watch will turn itself off.  Then turn it back on.

  • However, a restart takes too long. CIQ Team are always keeping a blind eye on this issue.

  • If you are seeing a crazy battery drain, you'll probably see the same if you have no CIQ apps on the watch.  It's a firmware issue.

    CIQ just passes on what the FW thinks 

    While a CIQ app can increase battery drain, resolving/minimizing that would have to do with the app itself, not CIQ in general.  Think about the power budget with onPartialUpdate.  If the avg is 28ms, it will impact the battery more than if it's 8ms and changing that is in your code for onPartialUpdate..

  • Hi, a user of mine reports the same FR255 FW 14.12, only when my app is installed without running it, drain to 8% after 2 hours. Uninstalling it resloved the issue.

  • In the last week someone reported in the forum that his app connects to bluetooth, and the app remains connected even when removed from the datafields. Does your app do anything special that can go on in the background?

  • There was a misunderstandig, the App has to run once to reveal the issue. The app is based on CIQ 1.3, no backgroud services, it uses ActivityRecording and ANT+ generic channel.

  • But the battery is still decreasing even if I exit my ciq app, I don't think it has something to do with power budget. The problem was reported 7years ago for the first time, but CIQ team always keeps a blind eye on it. 

    If the avg is 28ms, it will impact the battery more than if it's 8ms and changing that is in your code for onPartialUpdate..
  • Be sure to close all sensors, set sessions and timers to Null on exiting. 

    Position.enableLocationEvents(Position.LOCATION_DISABLE, method(:yourMethod)); //not in the api but good to do if using GPS
    Sensor.unregisterSensorDataListener(); // if using a data listener, unregister
    Sensor.setEnabledSensors([]); // this is in the CIQ api
    Sensor.enableSensorEvents(null); // this is NOT in the CIQ api and is a Garmin bug.

    Sensor.enableSensorEvents(null);   This is the 8 year battery bug!!!  This setting to null is not in the CIQ api and needs to be done to close the event handler, otherwise the event handler will keep handling events after the app is close and will continue until a watch restart or the battery is 0%.

    The CIQ is not unregistering the callback and is being kept alive after the app is closed, thus causing the battery drain.   place a Null in the Sensor.enableSensorEvents(null) this will force the event to be canceled.   This unregistering bug will be patched in the 2023 4th quarter CIQ update. 

    I found this out last week from working with Garmin Engineering on the battery burn found in the Venu2, FR965, 955 265 and 255 lines.

    The battery drain will be reduced or eliminated entirely.