Rowing App for Waterrower

I think that a lot of people are serching for a witged / datafield / app to record her training on garmin connect.

This was not possible because the Rower had no bluetooth module. But now there is such a module and it would be a phantastic thing if there would be a IQ App to record the rowing activity on the Watch. I think this could be a good Idea for a developer to make such app to get some money because there is nothing in this direction on the market.

What do you think?

  • Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. But where does the power data come from? I thought the S4 is not capable of recording that? Hence third party offers like the SmartRow device?!


  • S4 extrapolates power based on the water level you tell it that you filled the tub with.   Its a rough estimate based on speed + water.   Not a true loadcell calc.   So its likely close, or at least consistent if offset from the real number. 

  • And, the S4 transmits distance traveled on the recovery (glide) but I don't think the Smart Row does.

    You might be able to further "calibrate" by changing the water level value in the monitor so that your average power over a known maximum effort distance with similar cadence matches between the waterrower and a more accurate ERG such as a C2 rower?

  • Do you happen to sell & ship those pre configured to Germany? :D

  • Thanks! But the S4 itself doesn't display the metric? Do I enter the water level somewhere. Couldn't find it :-(

  • In the options, somewhere in the menu you can add in how many L or what line you filled the water too.   and the S4 does show watts/power

  • Hi,

    I was extremely interested in finding this project.  You have done *exactly* what I have been considered doing myself.  I am busy getting a Pi Zero W together but I have a couple questions before I buy the more expensive upgrade to our old WaterRower.

    We currently do not have an S4 monitor.  If I am going to upgrade the WaterRower, I will get a SmartRow only, so no S4.  I have seen comments that the code doesn't work without an S4.  Is that still the case?  From a cursory look at the main module, it seems like it should work without the S4 input but I have not dug into the code anymore than that.

    I plan to use BLE to talk to the SmartRow and ANT+ to talk to our Garmins (945 and Vivoactive 3).  Do I still need a second external Bluetooth module if I only plan to use one BT connection?

    Is this the best forum to talk about the project?

  • It looks like the code will work without the S4 monitor.  I was able to record a workout with my FR945 via ANT+ by modifying the code a little to send fake rower data via ANT+.

    Next step would be to get the actual SmartRow upgrade.  So far I'm only $16 into the project (I got the screen because I thought it looked cool :) )

    I was unable to pair a Vivoactive 3 to the Pi.  It looks like it does not support the ANT+ fitness equipment profile, which is a shame.

    Thanks for sharing the project!

  • I got everything going with my FR945 via ANT+ and new SmartRow, using the Raspberry Pi project with some modifications.  I do not have an S4 monitor, so that is definitely not necessary.

    The FR945 (V8.20) captures distance (meters), power, stroke count, stroke rate, distance / stroke, and pace / 500m.  This gets displayed in Garmin Connect (app and website), and most fields can also be displayed in real time on the watch.

  • Wow, this is very interesting and exactly what I am looking for. I am about to buy a waterrower and use my fenix 7 for all my sports activities. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no glue about raspberry and programming it.

    Is there any way that some specialist on this could help me?