Rowing App for Waterrower

I think that a lot of people are serching for a witged / datafield / app to record her training on garmin connect.

This was not possible because the Rower had no bluetooth module. But now there is such a module and it would be a phantastic thing if there would be a IQ App to record the rowing activity on the Watch. I think this could be a good Idea for a developer to make such app to get some money because there is nothing in this direction on the market.

What do you think?

  • I use Waterrower with S4 Performance monitor version 2.10.
    bought S4 Comms 78 but brought S4 Comms 06 from  recoveryforathletes 
    S4 Performance monitor don’t connect to  S4 Bluetooth ComModule. 
    May be S4 Performance monitor no support S4 Bluetooth ComModule  06 
    You can fix it anyway or you need to buy a new one.
  • Does the bluetooth module connects to garmin finally? Does it send speed and distance? (Just to have per 500m timing...).

  • what a shame, I would like to buy a rowing machine in the near feature, but why can't two well-known manufacturers such as concept2 or waterrower bring a product on the market that is state-of-the-art to implement without any complication, also Zwift is thinking to integrate rowing soon?
    Or i have to wait for a rowing machine of Tacx, Wahoo or something similar?

  • I'm just asking, not sure if it works or not yet (I don't have the bluetooth module)

  • sure, sorry, i only asked more or less offtopic and used your last message to reply

  • What did you do to connect the com module to the watch, after the watch found the module as a sensor? I’m not able to get a connection between the two devices.

    Where did you found these connection code for the com module?

  • Did anyone post how to get the Pairing ID to show?  I had to replace my Commodule and ErgIQ never prompts for which device to pair with (once the new S4 Com is connected via BLE on my Forerunner 945. 

  • Hi,

    I don't seem to get this to work, dammit, I've seen the green "Row" once, and I don't know why the devices connected in that moment. Here's what normally happens when I connect my Fenix 6 with the Com module. It shows as S4 HF34 AND weirdly as "Trainer 8638" which identifies as an ANT+ device (I do NOT have the ANT receiver for the COM Module). Although I connect to both these devices, only ONE time (tonight) to my surprise ERGIQ said "Connected to Trainer 8638" and there it was: the magic green word ROW. I was too surprised to row and instead tried to replicate it. NO CHANCE. Does anyone know what I might do wrong? Any ideas welcome... Thank you in advance...


  • Hey everyone,

    I would like to give the following information:

    - I've created with the help of a Raspberry pi a S4 Com module clone. It should be more reliable as the original Com module. Waterrower Ant and Bluetooth

    The Raspberry pi can do two things send data to thrid party apps via bluetooth as the normal com module do but it also sends the data over ant+ as the Concept2 is doing. I've implemented the Ant+ rowing profile.
    I've got the feedback from a Fenix 6 user that the native rowing app is working with the Raspberry pi and his training is tracked. But be advice it is still very early in development status. Be my guest to try it out. It is open source !

     concerning your question. The Waterrower com module is a bluetooth low energy device which stream 2 kinds of profile. A heart rate profile and also the Fitness equipment profile. As far as I understood is, if you have the Ant module installed on the Waterrower and connect an HRM with it, it is then transmitted via the bluetooth profile HRM. 

    Waterrower (Ant module installed linked with HRM ) == USB==> Com module == Bluetooth ==> Heart rate + Fitness data

    best Regards