Welcome to System 6

Connect IQ System 6 is here. We’ve made improvements across the software development cycle to make it easier and faster to create must-have apps.


The Complications API provides a new unified API for watch faces to access the data available from Garmin wearables. This gives watch faces new, powerful capabilities. They can programmatically query data that’s available from the system to access it via a unified schema, and they can support hold-to-launch functionality available on fēnix® 7 and Venu® 2 series products.

All Connect IQ device apps can become complication publishers, allowing them to publish data for display in Connect IQ watch faces.

Personality UI

Personality UI is designed to create a system that simplifies supporting product personalities. It combines the new property language Monkey Style, a new design library, and new device APIs. Using our new library of selectors, you can unify your layout code and have it adapt across the System 6 products.



We’ve also added access to multi-band GPS, action menus, toasts, Instinct 2 icon improvements and the fēnix 7X flashlight. See the Personality Library for more information.

On Device Store

Our new on-device store rolled out earlier this month. System 6 devices will also allow users to find data fields within the activity data field editor. Make sure you update your app meta-data to support the new on-device browsing.


We’ve continued to improve our build toolchain and Visual Studio extension, including support for Monkey Style and improvements with the type-system and optimizer.

Try it Today!

The Connect IQ SDK version 4.2 with System 6 support is out today and is available from the SDK manager. The following devices have been updated with System 6 support: 

  • EnduroTm
  • Enduro 2
  • epixTm (Gen 2)
  • Instinct® 2 Series
  • Instinct Crossover
  • fēnix 6 series
  • fēnix 6 Pro series
  • fēnix 7 series
  • Forerunner® 55
  • Forerunner 255 series
  • Forerunner 955
  • MARQ® series 
  • MARQ 2 series
  • Venu 2 series
  • Venu 2 Plus
  • Venu Sq 2 series

Support for Edge® 1040 series and Edge Explore 2 will be coming later this year. Get the SDK today and update your apps to take advantage of these new features.