Hello everyone!

I just wanted to put out a quick reminder when it comes to creating bug reports to please provide as detailed of information as possible.

Recently there's been an increase in reports that have little information provided, which makes it difficult for us to reproduce the issue presented in the report. This can lead to frustrations for you, the developers, when/if we are unable to reproduce the issue that you have seen. So in order to alleviate that frustration, please remember to look over the "What information should be included in a new issue report" section of the Bug Reports FAQ page. The more information you are able to provide to us, the quicker we will be able to reproduce and identify the issue and get it sent to the appropriate project team.

Also, for your confidentiality, you can always send information about your bug report (apps, prgs, etc.) to our [email protected] email. If a ticket was already created for your issue, please put the ticket number in the subject line; or put the Title of your bug report as the subject.