GPSMAP 66s 9.60


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GPSMAP 66 (WebUpdater) software version 9.60

as of November 17, 2021

Change History

Changes made from version 7.60 to 9.60:

  • Added support for creating courses. Courses can be navigated point to point like a track, or using map data like a route.
  • Added support for syncing courses with Garmin Explore. Requires updated Garmin Explore app.
  • Added ability to convert routes and tracks to courses.
  • Added ability to pair to Garmin Explore without first pairing to Garmin Connect Mobile. Requires updated Garmin Explore app.
  • Added option to search for POIs near a selected city.
  • Added on course and off course alerts to track navigation.
  • Added support for Connect IQ 3.1.
  • Improved status bar to show paired sensors instead of only enabled sensors.
  • Improved bluetooth device names in sensor setup.
  • Fixed possible issues with live geocache lists.
  • Fixed possible issues returning to the adventure review map from another page.
  • Fixed time data when copying tracks in reverse.
  • Fixed issue where route list would not update after route was deleted.
  • Fixed issue with keyboard language not persisting through power cycles.
  • Fixed an issue deleting adventures that contain routes.
  • Fixed possible issue with elapsed time when recording is paused.
  • Fixed possible shutdown selecting Current Activity from the Recorded Activities app.
  • Fixed issue where messages would appear during power-down.
  • Fixed pressure labels for hectopascals.
  • Fixed possible issue with missing track stats in GPX files.
  • Fixed issue selecting the first point on the active route page.
  • Fixed possible shutdown on keyboard page.
  • Fixed display issue on photo viewer page.
  • Fixed recording with expedition mode when auto-start is off.
  • Fixed issue where archived tracks could not be deleted.
  • Fixed issue with LiveTrack data not being sent correctly.