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Continued usability issues with Courses page

For some reason the thread has just been closed when the only "fix" I've seen deployed is restoring the ability to right click open in new tab from the list.

Issues I still have versus the previous iteration:

  • Can't right click open in new tab from the map
  • Map defaults to Kansas and goes back to Kansas if I close a course I'm viewing. It used to default to zooming out over an area covering most of my defined courses. If I closed a course it would stay at the same map location
  • The list doesn't refresh/filter to where I'm viewing on the map
  • The updated list with the little preview map only allows me to see 1 full entry in the list, rather than a dozen previously when it was just text - see below screenshot. Perhaps this could be a text list that has a little hover preview if Garmin really want to see that feature? I found it perfectly acceptable to have the list refresh to the map view and then hovering over a list entry showed on the main map.
  • There's a lot of wasted space on the pages. 20% of my screen is the bottom whitespace with the "Activity Tracking Accuracy" button. Also see second screenshot where I can't even see the elevation profile due to the space used by the information above - previously this was all visible without a scroll bar.
  • Probably missing some other reported issues from others

  • For some reason the thread has just been closed

    Yes, and that was the OP's only complaint. Unfortunately, there are a lot more outstanding issues added by other posters.

  • Since the update many of us have raised the fact that when using the map view within the courses area the filter no longer shows just the courses within the area selected on the map
    The main thread has now been closed so I am raising this again as the current functionality is unusable 

    If I select my courses and have my hometown on the map it shows courses for all over the world, the 3rd course down on mine is for Mallorca and I live in the UK
    I can select nearby courses, but this then shows everybody’s courses in the location on the map

    All I want is the functionality we have before where I can select my courses for the location on the map and thus get a list of my courses on the left hand side for the location

  • I appreciate Garmin's efforts to solve some of the issues with the web courses page, but for some users, the map will now always center on an incorrect location, and maybe these alternatives are helpful:

    Garmin Explore is great for creating courses. I use the mobile version and it does the basics well enough, and syncs them to my Fenix.

    A browser add-on to spoof your geolocation can work well if local policies permit using it.

    If you have other ideas, please share! 

  • I posted in the previous thread an unfortunately nothing is any different in Connect Courses for me.

    16 days ago in reply to Wo Bla

    I used the course creator a lot but this new update has made it all but useless and Ill have to move across to a new platform.

    Always defaults to Olathe, USA. Zooms back to Olathe when I change base maps.

    Doesn't sort my courses depending on the location of the map, now just shows smallest to longest no matter where I am on the map.

    Map is smaller and the Activity Tracking Accuracy bar at the bottom now just stays

    Cant right click and open in new tab.

    To name a few.......

    Its hardly an update

  • more errors that I've found so far:

    routing through roundabaouts is done the wrong way (clockwise) here in Central Europe (instead of counter-clockwise, which would be correct)
    this was working fine before this big 're-launch'...

    also the map source materials seems to be a lot older again than pre-re-launch, as I miss several (new = two year old) roads which have been there before the re-launch.
    OSM and Google Maps have this 'current data' on-line for a while now, so why is Garmin showing 'older' map material?

  • It's just .. so frustrating to have to keep, every time, going in the connect app to find where I live on the other side of the world.

    If it just defaulted to "last start location" or "last route" or allowed it to be set or .. something .. that would make total sense.

    I mean it even rubs it in your face. E.g. .. I just went to create a course, scrolled to where I live in the world and think "ok I'm ready", click on "new" to create a course, and what does it do?

    Well of course - it snaps back to "Olathe, United States" again.

    No other mapping thing on the internet I've ever used behaves this badly. I mean even if it geolocated via IP address as long as you weren't using a foreign VPN might start the correct continent!

    The obvious thing to do is allow it to either be set, or simply just start to the last start location set, which is the most likely start point for your next route, or would be close.

  • That's very old issue and they seem to refuse to change it, their company is at that location, looks they just want to show it to everybody...

    Currently the issue is more visible as the workaround doesn't work anymore (earlier was enough to create a course and with My Courses tab opened it moved to part of a map to show all your courses).