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Usability Problems With New Garmin Connect Web Courses Page

TLDR: With the list of courses on the left hand side, you cannot CTRL-Click to open into a new browser tab (or Right Click and select 'Open in New Tab'). This makes it SUPER ANNOYING when planning out what Ride/Run course I want to follow. #GarminPleaseFixThis

So I've got almost 600 courses saved in my Garmin Connect Courses.

My usual workflow is to: Open MyCourses list, then filter by Type e.g. 'Road Cycling', then add a distance filter e.g '50-80 Km'
   (* Props admittedly due to the Devs for the very useful new 'Course Name' filter and actually functional distance filters!)

I would then scroll through the list and open the Courses I was thinking about riding into New Tabs (so that I could look at the routes in more detail)

With the new UI (v4.65.2.0, it does look better, but it has BROKEN the ability to open the separate courses into new tabs (NO Ctrl-Click or Right-Click)

If you click on a Course it loads the full Course Details page (which you could duplicate the tab), but then when you go back it has lost the Filters and you have to apply them again.

This makes looking at or comparing multiple courses almost impossible, thus making the new UI absolutely useless!
[Tested on Windows 11, Firefox v112.0 + Chrome v112.0.5615.86]

GARMIN DEVS... can this please be fixed ASAP (and if anyone knows a way of temporarily going back to the old UI, that would be really helpful!

Cheers, Derek 

  • I'm able to open a course in a new tab. From the Garmin Connect dashboard.

    If this is not acceptable, suggest contacting Garmin directly to open a support ticket - Garmin Customer Support

  • Thanks for the quick reply.
    That looks like the old Web UI interface (I guess Garmin are rolling it in phases)

    Near the bottom left of the web page, mine says: "Version:,"
    What does yours say?

  • You need to be on the main page and have courses set as one of the items on that page.

  • No "Open in New Tab" option when Right Clicking

  • I realize what you're trying to do. I'm giving you a workaround. Go to the main Garmin connect page (not courses page), add courses as one of the items, then you'll be able to do it.

  • Okay - but that is just the quick view of courses from the main Dashboard... there is no way of applying filters to that.
    I am talking about when you are on the main Courses page:

  • Then report it to Garmin as I mentioned above.

  • I appreciate the workaround, thanks.. but without the ability to filter, it is not so useful.
    I thought posting here on the forum would bring it to the attention of Garmin Devs... but I will raise a ticket on Garmin Support as well Thumbsup

  • Hi All,

    I have just noticed that after rolling out a refreshed layout for course creator over in GC Web there is an issue with map jumping to Kansas Citi while after the layer of the map gets changed.

    This happens every time while working on a course that is not yet saved. Contrary, when I open up existing course of mine and change layers, then the map centers at the starting point (green pin).

    It doesn't matter if I allow my browser to use my localization or not.

    So what I make out of it is that Garmin must be looking for the value of the starting point, but just as long as the course is not saved, this value seem not to be usable for the algorithm. Wonder if you could turn that 'search' off or amend the logic, so the map doesn't jump to the other side of the ocean, as it's quite buggy; especially when working between Google Earth map and the regular map, to make a good course.