Garmin coach not recognizing completed workout even though it shows up correctly as completed on my calendar?

My plan had me scheduled to do a goal pace run yesterday, it came up on my watch, I did the goal pace run, saved it, and synced. Today was listed as a rest day. But when I look at my Garmin Coach workout schedule today, yesterday is now listed as a rest day and “goal pace run” is listed for today. But, in my garmin connect calendar, yesterday still includes both my Garmin Coach workout of “goal pace run” and the completed run which it auto-titled “[Location]- Goal Pace Run” and lists“goal pace run” again as my workout for today - what should I do?

I’ve already re-synced my fenix 5s with Garmin Connect phone app and it changed nothing. I never rescheduled the goal pace run or tried to. My phone did have connectivity (cell and WiFi) issues for a bit yesterday for some reason bc I’m out of my home country, but I resolved those yesterday. I’m worried that it’ll mess my plan up if I delete today’s newly-added repeat goal pace run, but I don’t know what to do to have Garmin Coach recognize that it asked me to do this run yesterday and I did it yesterday.

  • Yes I am having the same issue. Started a training program seven weeks ago, and it started doing this middle of last week. My last 5 runs haven't been recognized in the Coach plan.  They're marked as completed on my watch, and are removed from the "My Day" view but are not marked as such on the Garmin Coach. And now the "confidence" is sliding down because it's stopped marking any of my runs. What an annoying bug, and I'm surprised that it's been an issue for 2 years and Garmin hasn't fixed this