ATTN: iOS Users with issues after updating to iOS 13

I Am Having Issues with My Garmin Watch After Updating to iOS 13 on My iPhone

With the released of iOS 13, some changes in the way that your Garmin device communicates with your phone have changed.  Review the following symptoms which should solve your issue.

The Garmin Connect app displays the message "Bluetooth is turned off"

iOS 13 requires Bluetooth Sharing to be turned on for the Garmin Connect app.  Below are steps to enable this setting.

  1. From the iPhone, select Settings

  2. Scroll down and select Connect

  3. Toggle Bluetooth Sharing on

NOTE: For the best user experience with your Garmin device and your phone, the Location setting should be set to Always and all toggles should be set to on.

I Am No Longer Getting Smart Notifications on My Garmin Device

To correct this issue follow the steps below:

Check Bluetooth Settings

  1. From the iPhone, select Settings

  2. Select Bluetooth

  3. Under MY DEVICES select the i icon next to your Garmin device

  4. Toggle Share System Notifications to on

Check Notification Settings

  1. Select Notifications

  2. Set "Show Previews" to Always

  3. Under "NOTIFICATION STYLE" select Messages

  4. Under "OPTIONS" set "Show Previews" to Always (Default)

Update your phone to iOS 13.1

Apple is expected to release its first update to iOS 13 on September 24th.  This update is expected to fix some issues reported in iOS 13.  Go to Settings>General> Software Update on your phone to check for and install the update.

If you have followed the above suggestions and continue to have an issue contact Product Support for further assistance.

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