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Does Garmin Connect work with Android 12? Sync/Pair failure FR945

I have been using my Forerunner 945 successfully since the summer. My Pixel 3XL was recently upgraded to Android 12 and soon after I have suffered sync issues, finally culminating in the inability to re-pair my forerunner 945 with my phone.

I have followed lots of articles online both from Garmin and Community members.

I have tried:

  • Restarting both phone and the watch
  • Uninstalling connect on my phone
  • Removing the Forerunner 945 from my account and trying to repair
  • Manually syncing using Garmin Express on PC and Mac
  • Syncing over WiFi (seems to work)
  • Remove old FIT activity files

I am stuck where the connect app will prompt for the 6 digit code, which I supply, and immediately I am presented with a failed sync. I accept the retry and after 2-3 mins it gives up. There on in I can't get the code prompt to reappear unless I restart my phone.

Has anyone else experienced this/ideas to fix? I am going to get in contact with support, a totally unacceptable experience from Garmin.