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VO2Max no longer updating - Software v3.90 - Vivomove Style

Hi all, 

it seems that since the update to 3.90 (Vivomove Style), the watch is not providing an estimate of VO2max during running activities. Before the update, the watch would provide an estimate for all the runs. Is this a known issue? 


  • Hope it works, at least on the Edge. After the 3.90 update I reset my Style twice (once to "default", the second time to "default + delete watch data").

    While it fixed a problem with the update of the Body Battery level it did nothing for the VO2 Max issue. 

  • Alright, first cycling activity after fully resetting the watch (default + delete watch data) and the VO2max was updated. So, this problem might be solved. The others (tapping problems e. g.) are not. VO2max for walking activities are still outdated.

  • That is great news! Be aware that VO2 Max is updated using a "ranking" system for activities, meaning that some have higher priorities than others. Running and Biking are higher than Walking.

    For examples, in my case I mostly run or walk, but since running has higher priority over walking (because it yields more reliable data for calculating VO2 Max), the value of VO2 Max is updated only when I run, unless more than 30 days have passed since a run. In that case, even when walking VO2 Max is updated. If I run again, even once, it goes back to using running to measure VO2 Max.

    It is all explained here:

  • Good to know, thanks for the link. Due to physical limitations I cannot run (for a longer time). Apart from that, the last VO2max update is already more than 30 days old so it should have been updated. Anyway. The bike value is way more important for me and at least this seems to be working again.

  • Hi everyone, just a quick update on my side. I have just realised that starting on April 10th, the watch started recording again the VO2Max when I run (not every time, more or less once every two runs).

    This corresponds to exactly one month after the 3.90 update (11th March for me). I guess that means the oldest watch measurement (right before the update) expired after 30 days as explained on the Garmin page on the VO2Max. 

  • Now, that is interesting. I slightly pulled a hamstring doing sprints last week (should keep in mind I am not 20 any more...) so I haven't run for almost two weeks. My last VO2 Max data point is April 18, but it was a manually forced measurement. I plan on resuming running next week, I will leave it alone and see if after May 18 the measurements of VO2 Max resumes when recording a GPS-tracked run. 

    On another note, I noticed this morning that the Garmin Connect app got an update. There is now a new section called "Performance Stats", VO2 Max has been moved there and Power Curve has been added (for cycling). All other metrics (Sleep, Weight, Calories, etc.) are now grouped under "Health Stats". Also, the Strength Training activity (once a workout is recorded) shows a pictorial of a human body highlighting the muscles worked. Not a earthshattering addition, but a nice touch nonetheless.

  • Thanks Batman! Just to check, are you on iOS or Android? I don't see any change on my iPhone app at the moment...

  • Android, according to the app store the update was pushed about three hours ago.

    I noticed the changes when I finished my workout earlier this morning (I am on the East Coast of the US). The Android app version is 4.42, dated April 27. 

  • Resumed running yesterday, as (sadly) expected VO2 Max was NOT updated after my GPS-tracked outdoor run. Last value is still the one measured on April 19 (which was a manually forced measurement, from the Heart Stats menu on the watch).

    I will leave it alone and see if after May 19, once the 30 days from last measurement expires, it starts updating automatically again. 

    @7553484, how is it going for you, are you getting updates when you run?

    , the 3.90 update was released on March 10, almost two months ago. Any progress in getting this fixed???

  • Hi Batman! Just a quick update, the VO2Max calculation seems to be inconsistent: I have a value calculated on the 5th May on the Current screen of the Gamin app, but it shows there have been other two measurements in the following days (including a reading today, but I haven't recorded any activity). On a side note, in the last week, I had a decrease in VO2Max from Garmin, while runalyze records an increase (I have been doing some speed runs). 

    In summary, the calculation seems to be quite random and unpredictable and it doesn't seem to match my training patterns. At least on my side, I have lost any confidence in it :) Hopefully one day it will be solved and it will be consistent.